June 27, 2010


It was about 10 o'clock when this awful thing happened.
i was just strolling around my grandma's house and playing with her cats.
we were happily playing like crazy and i something caught my eye...
no,it wasn't a hot guy.
it is a bird
well,it's not just a normal bird,this bird is very cute ,very small,very red-maroon coloured and yet very beautiful
it was standing still beside me.
and i thought it was a toy.
and i touched it to make sure that this bird is alive
"holy crap,you're so damn beautiful...!"
the bird didn't flew away.that's strange.
the moment i touch it...
grandma's cat had already pounced on the bird.the bird tried to flew away but it wasn't fast enough and the cat dragged it on top of a mango tree.
i was so shocked that nothing comes out of my mouth and i am standing still like a dork without chasing that stupid cat away.omg, i feel so terrible
it was a rare bird!
maybe i'm the first on in the world to discover that bird!
i might be famous!
i dont mind if the cat ate a crow or a magpie!
but this small and rare bird...
sad T.T
but the cat must b hungry that it ate the bird...

that's the cat...

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