June 26, 2010

oh , GLEE

This whole week i've been crazy about GLEE...i even create a countdown of it on my class blackboard :D

it's just so damn hard to find someone who loves GLEE...there's only one girl who like that comedy musical hit tv series,Huothaa.yaaaay! love u!

and not juz that, i even met zillions of people saying it's GELI instead of GLEE.
even my mom!
omg,that's so sad...
u know what they say,
if u wanna something,u gotta SACRIFICE something.
so i make a deal with my mom.
i told her that i won't watch tv from monday till fiday
except tuesday.
coz i wanna watch GLEE on that day!
8.30 till 9.30
ntv7 (i aint got starworld,so i'm a little bit outdated now...)
but i still watch tv even it's not on tuesday...^^


  1. I love Glee, Athirah loves Glee, Alya loves Glee. APALAH! -_-

  2. aku cakap pasai org dlm klas aku la!


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