July 17, 2010

baki zainal - coolest celeb ever that came to my school ;D

Last tuesday,baki zainal,one of the coolest celeb came to my school to give a talk about chinese language

if you don't know him,he's one of the cast from the drama mr. siao's mandarin class and the amusing race.

he's very funny and very fluent in chinese...
and he even make the glee's trademark
the L shaped finger on his forehead
i acted like crazy when he did that!
my friends tried to calm me down...

after the talk ends,i rushed to him to take his autograph!
i borrowed paper n marker n i was sweating like hell waiting for him to take his autograph!!
then it was my turn.
while he was signing,i asked him to write 'GLEE RULES!!'
he said "oh,u love glee?"
i said "yeah!!!"
then he sang 'don't stop believiiiiinnnnggggg'
i was meltinggggg!!!!

i showed to everyone his autograph n the 'glee rules!!' that he wrote....
some of them asked me to tag them on fb...

that must be one of the best day ever...
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