October 16, 2010

Spring Fling!

currently reading my friend's novel ,Spring Fling by Sabrina James
now on chapter 13
another 11 chapter to go!
i know i'm a slow reader but i'm sure i'll be able to finish it by this monday and give the novel back to my friend.

so far the story is quite nice.so here's go the synopsis:
Spending the week in Florida with her two best friends is the perfect opportunity for 17-year-old Danielle to shed her shy-girl image. And it turns out she'll be getting lots of help from a houseful of cute guys staying right next door ...

Romantic twists, turns, and comic mishaps abound! Will Danielle find love -- and discover who she really is -- before spring break ends?

i love the character Ava and Cooper.
they both make a real cute couple.
Damian is quite cool,too!

the book is so nice,i plan to buy another Sabrina James' book ,Be Mine and Secret Santa.

okay,time to continue reading!

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