October 14, 2010

the worst day to fall sick!


Adam Lambert is here.
he's gonna perform in 25 minutes.
and i'm not even there!!!
i cut out all his picz from magz and newspapers ever since he won AI,download his caller ringtones,bought his album and even remember the lyrics to it!!!!!
and i am NOT at his concert...!
and adam even bring Tommy!!!!

this is him

and this is me.

last month,i bought the tickets for the pitt zone worth rm298...
and bought the bus ticket to kl
and my friend's mum booked the hotel for us to stay on.
and just yesterday i woke up at 5 pm and found out that i am seriously ill!
i'm sick as a stray cat!
even stray cat is better!
not only that,i got a nasty cough and a yellow mucus flowing out my nostrils!
i puked like 2 times last night and one more time this morning.
so i didn't come to school.
and all my buddies thought i'm at the concert glamming up.

i just could not stop crying...
why,oh why does this happen to me??!!
it was all so damn perfect until this stupid ill come and attack me!

now what should i do with the ticket?
i shall keep it in my sad memory!
mow i'm completely broke!
my BFF who's going there,Huothaayane said no phone calls are allowed...
so once again my chance of hearing him singing on the phone is totally shattered.
there goes my dream
now i'm counting on my BFF to take some vids of him singing 4 me...

i hope that adam will keep on singing
so that when i'm 18,
i could go to all his concert WITHOUT falling sick
and maybe,wait no.and surely,i'm gonna meet n greet him and Tommy in person!
be jealous!

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