November 21, 2010

A compedium of completely useless information

i am freakin bored right now so i just decided to continue my blog today

i just keep searching all over the internet to find some random facts that i could share here
and i did find some interesting facts that you guys may haven't heard of it

1 - the scientific name for a baby elephant seal is a weaner and a group of frogs is referred to as an army
2- pi = 3.14
common knowledge right?but have you ever looked at it backwards?

3- the tombstone of Mel Blanc,who provided the voices of Bugs Bunny,Sylvester the Cat,Tweety Bird and Porky Pig reads :

"That's All Folks."

4 - The basenji is a special breed of dog that doesn't bark

5- in 1946,Walt Disney Studios produced an animated educational film titled 'The Story of Menstruation'

6 - the English invented soccer when they kicked around the heads of danish invaders they had slaughtered

7 - Botanically speaking, banana is a herb, the jalapeno is a fruit and apples and peaches are members of the rose family

8- and pineapples,orange,lemons,watermelons and tomatoes are all berries

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