November 26, 2010

the good,the bad,the ugly

so here's a compilation of the good,the bad and the ugly i found around the internet and i even made some of them myself:

the good:your wife's not talking to you
the bad:she wants a divorce
the ugly:she's a lawyer

the good:your son studies a lot in his room
the bad:you find porn there
the ugly:you're in it.

the good:you start telling your daughter about sex
the bad:she's interrupting you
the ugly:with corrections.

the good:your wife's pregnant
the bad:with triplets
the ugly:you had vasectomy 3 years ago.

the good:your husband understands your style of fashion
the bad:he's a cross dresser
the ugly:he looks better than you

the good:your son is dating someone new
the bad:it's a guy
the ugly:he's your best friend

the good:you brought a stray dog home
the bad:it turned out to be a wolf
the ugly:you have to cancel your date tomorrow due to a rake-related injury

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