November 22, 2010

i want these car so...badly

i always dreamed of having these two cars
they're stylish,fabulous and not to mention,darn expensive

pontiac solstice

yeah,i love this car ever since i saw it in transformers.

and i still cry over it whenever i watch the scene where Jazz (the autobot whose body is the Pontiac) whene magatron split it in half

and this one

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

just look at the design of the car!
it also has lower centre of gravity so it means that this badass is fast
real fast

the top speed of this baby is 248 mph (399 km/h)


i'm drooling over these two cars

but one dude used to tell me that if we always stare at our dream car's picture
we might own that car one day
yea,i'm staring at this two cars everyday

so whoever out there who's real rich,gimme one of these cars
or maybe both of them

*winks winks*

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