November 19, 2010

last day of school

the end of my form 3 is here!

so last Tuesday was the last day at school

and we're allowed to wear traditional clothes and bring cams and cellphones..

i decided to wear a green baju kurung and when i came to school,


juwai,zy and janice

green is the colour of our energy..
me and shanazia

that's atiqah
see the halo on top of her head?

finally,the hardest one to be photographed...
yasmin abu talib

the vogue gang...
anis,ili and syamira

me and zy

after we do this poco2 dance,my friends did some makeoveer on my!
and i took a pic of my fencing seniors and me as a memory
yea,i'm kinda sad they're not gonna b in fencing next year coz they'll be off to college
i'm kinda nervous bout being the president of fencing club next year...
but i promised 'll try my best!!!

fencing buddiez
amirah,aisha,me and mahirah

then it's pizza time!!!

at 11.45,the dude from dominos pizza came and give us 5 boxes of extra-large chicken pepperoni new york crust pizza

at first i thought that 5 boxes of pizza is just too much for my class.
but i was DEAD WRONG.
all 5 boxes of dominos pizza was finished in like,5 minutes!
whoaaa....!here are the pizza faces...

then we went to the hall and enjoyed some performances there...

yeah,the maestro maniacs rawcks like a whole lot!!!


and that's the end of our school day....

sad,but enjoyful.

i'm gonna miss 3 aked :'(


  1. sarah..ur blog is really cool..hope u'll success in ur life..:p

  2. thank you very much.
    i hope you will success in your life too =)
    by the way,may i know who is this?


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