November 30, 2010

Leslie Nielsen,you will be missed

Leslie Nielsen,an actor died on the 28th of November due to pnemonia complications.
He was 84.

Nielsen was a comedic actor best known for his works in cult classics such as ‘Airplane!’ and ‘Naked Gun.’

Both were my fav movie of all time

Who could forget this funny yet classic line in the movie 'Airplane' -

Stars have been paying tribute to Nielsen’s comic genius.
Matt Lanter tweeted: “Leslie Nielsen, you are a pioneer and an inspiration. Thank you for the many laughs."
Russell Brand tweeted: “RIP Leslie Nielsen. Shirley, he will be missed.”

Leslie Nielson-one of the funniest man in the 20th and the 21st century.We will be missing you :'(((
If you just get out of prison or have been living under a rock,you could get to know more about Leslie Nielsen here

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