November 22, 2010

Moonbeam Memories

finally i finished my novels
the novel is called Moonbeam Memories
and it had 3 series
the first one i wrote 2 years back and it's called -

and last year i continued doing the second book -

and this year,i continue the last book of the Moonbeam Memories series and i took a break until pmr is over,then i finished this book on the 12th of November,on 2:19 am

so why the title,you ask?
the answer is simple.
i have no idea.
lawl,but come to think of it,i guess it has something to do with the title of each books
they have something to do with the night
ah,whatever,i don't get it either.
yup,so there you have it.
i'm planning to write Moonbeam Memories on my oher blog,
but i guess i'll start by tomorrow
if i have the mood
so wai for it,kay?
especially Farah,Nini and ADF

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