November 26, 2010

new layout - again

as you can see,i get a new layout,yet again...

i think it's just bcause i get bored with the same layout for a week or so,and i decided to change it to a more fabulous layout.after all the searching for the perfect layout,i found this.

this layout is called 'fabulousity' and i just loved the pattern here.i mean,black and pink are a very great see,i just can't have a simple layout,a layout that has one or two plain colours.others may find that interesting,but i don't.i just don't.

i prefer something that has a pattern,sometimes over the top kinda layout.but i don't think this layout is over the top . it's know,fabulous.the way that i liked it.

i have a taste, yo.

oh by the can get cool layouts here,where i found mine =)

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