November 21, 2010

weird OCD?


also stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is almost like rituals or maybe IS a ritual.

i think everyone has to have one

even i had one.

it's washing my hands repeatedly

but today,i'm not blogging about random OCD.

i'm blogging about weird OCD.

according to one of the blog i found on,

the weirdest OCD (that other people have,not me) are-

*every morning i have to put 9 strokes of deodorant under my left armpit and 10 strokes under my right,with the last of the 9 strokes descending and the last of the 10 ascending

*if i hear a bang i have to clap 12 times,no more no less

*i fold my trash! and at home i gently set it in the bin instead of throwing it in

*in airports,i always grab my butt,making sure i haven't lost my wallet (20-30 times every 10 minutes)

*if i ever see McDonald's advert on tv,i have to whistle the theme straight after the person in the ad whistles it

*i can't have the volume at anyting on an odd number-it has to be even

*tapping walls 5-6 times with my knuckles

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