November 27, 2010

weirdest ice cream flavours

I am sooo hungry right now as i am fasting and all i could think of right now is ice cream.yum!

when we heard the word 'ice cream',we started to think our fav ice cream flavour like vanilla,choc or strawberry.some might think of napoleon or peppermint or mango.well my favorite is yam.always yam.

but you see,the world is changing and weird icecream flavors seem to be spreading. Around the world you can now find many really unusual, weird,freaky and sometimes downright horrible, ice cream flavors.

here are some weirdest ice cream flavours around the world.

In the town of Lares, Puerto Rico, there is an Icecream Parlour , that has nearly 1000 different icecream flavors. Some of them are really weird. Here's just a couple of them -

1) Spaghetti and cheese Ice cream - cheese flavored icevcream with ground up spaghetti pieces. This one actually sounded nice.

2) Sardines & Brandy Ice cream - What can I say - sardines! In ice cream!!

Japan apparently has a lot of really weird flavors. Since they eat a lot of fish over there perhaps it's inevitable that it would end up in ice cream.

3) Squid Ink Ice cream- a dark charcoal color. I've no idea what squid ink would taste like.

4) Horseflesh Ice cream - this has pieces of RAW horseflesh in it. cool~

Meanwhile,in France you can find -
5) Caviar Ice cream -This one is Made by a gourmet food company it has 60% Alverto Royal Petrossian caviar in it.

6) Candied Bacon Ice cream - damn,this just can't seem to be right.

In England they have -

7) Blue Stilton Cheese Ice cream - said to go great with English Mince Pies.

8) Beer Flavored Ice cream - that's just...a total gross.

Go to Italy and they might offer you these - 

9) Spleen & Artichoke Ice cream - I don't think I could even look at that, let alone eat it.

Last but by no means least you have -

10) Viagara Ice cream - wow,the world is getting sexier now.made from natural stimulants it contains, ginko biloba, arginine and guarana. Apparently only one per customer per day. Suppose it's better than taking pills. Then again - is it? This one is available in Japan.

so dare to eat those???

before i get the heck outta here,there' something i gotta say.

i scream,u scream, we all scream for weird ice cream!

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