December 31, 2010

movies of 2011-and my reaction on the ones i hate

2010 sure had a lot of awe-some movies and some of the lamest one too.But what does 2011 movies has for us?Of course there will be badass movies and yeah,the crappy movies.Check the upcoming movies in 2011 here,guys!Also,there's my reactions on the movies i hate on 2011.








2010 is coming to an end exactly 4hours and 10 minutes more.And i'm guessing i don't really like 2011 coz i got tuitions coming up in Saturdays and Sundays,new subjects,and my responsibility as the president of the fencing club and i don't think i could blog every single day.But the good thing about 2011 is a group of cra--zay friends are in my class,awesome movies coming up and i can hold saber sword again!(is that what they call it?)
guess that would cheer me up a little bit and also,i'm working on a new comic,"GIFTED"(i swear i'll finished them).

Yeah!What else?duh.
So here's a list of my resolutions for 2011:--

-do all my prayers

-doing well in all subjects 

-finishing my homeworks in time

-be a badass fencer and leader

-finishing my comic (even though it might take a while)

-watch as many movies i can at the cinema

December 30, 2010

Ballet Flats

I have a feeling that either i will become obsessed with ballet flats or ballet flats will be a huge hit next year.Well whatever it is,ballet flats are insanely cool and so guh-lamorous!Here are some ballet-flats that you might get crazay over,like me!

ballet flats-womens embellished ballet flats
Women's Embellished Ballet Flats on $19.99

Product Image Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ruffle Ballet Flats - Blush Patent

Odell Ruffle Ballet Flats - Blush Patent at $12.99!

Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's at $69


Vaneli - Sayre - Metallic Platinum Cutout Ballet at $57.50

ballet flats-velvet angels womens heaven ballet flat
Velvet Angel's Women Heaven Ballet Flats only on $115.50

ballet flats-all black womens night walker beast ballet flat
All BLACK Women's Night walker Beast at $103.95

A2 by Aerosoles Hash Brown Ballet Flats
A2® by Aerosoles Hash Brown Ballet Flats
on $59.99

Secret Gifts!

I went out yesterday with Yasmin,the Joannes,Atiqah,Sherise and Ahirah to celebrate our pmr results,sorta.And i just couldn't believe that i actually watched Gulliver's Travels for the second time this week and i still lol'd and the funny scenes.That movie was super duper awe-some.I can't wait for Jack Black in Kung Fu Panda 2!

posing with Gulliver =
i still took pics in cinema even though illegal.what-evah!

Then Athirah came up with this idea saying that we should pick out names and we must buy a gift for the person whose  name we took .Its sorta like Secret Santa,ya know.I picked Sherise's names and Athirah and i started to wander at S&J finding a cool gift.And i can't believe i'm missing the Barbie Fairytale Whatever show!I wanna see the cool outfits again!And Ken too!I admit,i love Ken.
luckily Joanne did took a pic of them!

We hit Pizza Hut later where we finally exchanged gifts!
so guess what i gift i bought for Sherise?

a 'big boss' cup!


And i got this cool black eye-liner from Joanne Tan!Awe--sooommee!


And the pic that Atiqah took before i get back home:
i will forever lol looking at this pic =)

I did bought 2 celeb mags from Borders,J-14 and PopStar coz i know beginning next year,i will rarely buy them =(((


Of all the histories that malaysians made this year,i guess this one is the best =) Our Malaysian footballl team,Harimau Malaya defeated  Indonesia's by 4-2 on aggregate to clinch the AFF Suzuki Cup.Hell Yea!

New champions: Malaysia’s soccer team celebrate their victory in AFF Suzuki Cup finals at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on Wednesday. They defeated Indonesia 4-2 on aggregate to clinch the AFF Suzuki Cup. JP/J. Adiguna

striker of the year =)

Isn't it the best way to end 2010?Damn right it is!!:DDD
Team manager Datuk Subahan Kamal also said that the next target for Malaysia would be to qualify for the 2015 Asia Cup Finals.Awe---some!!!
Now since dah menang Cup tu,don't you think we got a chance on FIFA??o.0

Oooohh...esok cuti ke sebab the winning tu?Cuti ke tak,tetap kena pergi sekolah gak...Heshhh..=.="

December 28, 2010

which is better?

Now there's a new addiction in my life other than reading teen novels and playing it girl on facebook of course.It's going to the cinema!*applause*

For the past 5 or 6 years,i'm not really a big fan going to the cinemas watching newly released movies.But now,hell yea i am!!! I guess it's kinda cool though watching new movies which costs rm8 or rm17 on a big fat screen while eating a large box of popcorn(even cooler when watching it with GFFs(stands for gurlfwens forever)) than actually downloading the movie itself on a 30 inch laptop without wasting money,riiitttteee???

so one day i wanna be like a cousin of mine:
Nisa Afiqah
In just a week she has watched 6 movies.literally.i guess.or so how i read at her blog post.
One day i shall have a movie marathon with my GFFs =)

So tomorrow i'm gonna watch Gulliver's Travels again(this time not in 3d)with my gurlfriends on my last outing at Queensbay.I'm fine with it but what i'm not fine with is...which one is the best?

watching movie at the cinema
downloading the movie to your computer?

See that poll on the left?yea,take it it's your the last day on earth.

Amazing Pencil Arts

Awesomeness can be found in anyone in this planet.And creativity speaks for themselves.That must be the world lamest quotes ever done by me.hahahaha...But i guess it's true.As a big fan of creativity ad art,i proudly present this-the compilation of amazing pencil arts(says there on the title post.duh.) which are obviously NOT done by me.

fastest way to learn ABC?

Elvis Presley FTW

hearts forever linked.

and my personal favorite:-

all of these pencil art are done by this awe-some man, Dalton Ghetti :-

and now i'm wondering,can i make that kind of pencil sculptures too?


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