December 31, 2010


2010 is coming to an end exactly 4hours and 10 minutes more.And i'm guessing i don't really like 2011 coz i got tuitions coming up in Saturdays and Sundays,new subjects,and my responsibility as the president of the fencing club and i don't think i could blog every single day.But the good thing about 2011 is a group of cra--zay friends are in my class,awesome movies coming up and i can hold saber sword again!(is that what they call it?)
guess that would cheer me up a little bit and also,i'm working on a new comic,"GIFTED"(i swear i'll finished them).

Yeah!What else?duh.
So here's a list of my resolutions for 2011:--

-do all my prayers

-doing well in all subjects 

-finishing my homeworks in time

-be a badass fencer and leader

-finishing my comic (even though it might take a while)

-watch as many movies i can at the cinema

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