December 23, 2010

My heart was beating so damn hard that i thought it's gonna explode.And when they called my name,i was like,'omegash!' and ran like a maniac to the stage.

Straight A's.

All the damn hardwork finally did pay off.

And seeing my friends who's also on top of the stage,i was like,"Wazzup,gurlfwenn!!" like 27 gazillion times.yea,i should stop saying that.And then i started to do this crazy dance for 5 sec and sang"it's the!!!"like spongebob did in one of the episodes

the sea of crowd on stage

buddies! shafie and alia

squating and crying,not to forget-happy at the same time =)
first time saw her cry -azyra.
luv ya gurlfwenn!
me and azyra =)
my 'husband' at facebook - novia and haliyana =)
posing with the results=)
alia,me and shafie

it surely paid offfarah

i went home early and didn't have the chance to took picz wif my teachers =( but it's okay.i'm sure one day i'll be doing that when the day spm results are announced.*GASP!*

And now all i need is the brand new iphone.that would almost complete my life

that's my baby
now who wanna hangout wif me?anytime can lo... =)))

that's what i wrote on my fb status ngee~
                                                                                                                                 hell yea 23rd!

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