December 17, 2010

Day 3 in KL

 at the last post i told you guys that we went and watch narnia at klcc.but other than that???

nothing much,really.

at the food court,i've counted hot guys passing by. 

then after the movie,i went to kinokuniya.i was so excited to got here since my new hobby is reading a teen novel and i feel like in book heaven  there!

and guess what?
i bought these books!
from left:glee-the beginning,school for cool,the clique:claire,and M magazine
Even though i kinda broke right now,but i feel awesome when i bought these !

Then i hit toy r us and took some snaps there...

the store

Reminds me of fencing :(

transformers alley

should i explain???
other pics???here you go-

a beautiful entrance in klcc

this is...unexplainable.random,i think.

the cinema

that's me ok?a little bit blur,but whoop-de-doo!

klcc-always magnificent!

                                                                                          ~Day 4 coming up!

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