December 10, 2010

I am number four same as twilight?

I read rawe's blog about how twilight sucks more that harry potter.I gotta thank her for giving me ideas on what to blog about today(other than the Richards,of course).

All of us know that an upcoming new movie,I Am Number Four which gonna be released in Malaysia on the 24th February next year (unless you just got out from jail or been living under a rock).

A lot of people are saying that the trailer of I Am Number Four proves may be an antidote to Twilight.I didn't believe it,of course.Untill i watched the trailer.

yep,it sure does looks like twilight.But not entirely.
Okay,so this is how I Am Number Four as same as twilight-
The brooding male lead who isn’t what he seems…
the porcelain-skinned ingenue who has his heart…
the jumping and flying and assorted chasing.
All that was missing was vampire fangs
The main character has that “tortured bad boy” thing down cold, and there’s just something aboutGlee’s Dianna Agron that just screams, “Use your alien light hands to save me!” Plus, Timothy Olyphant plays the very un-Olyphantian like character of “dad.”

But i guess this movie is gonna be better than fact,waaayyyy better.
The movie is directed by Eagle Eye's D.J. Caruso, I Am Number Four follows a young alien (Alex Pettyfer) who's been hiding from enemies on Earth, aided by his protector (Timothy Olyphant), moving from town to town in a nomadic existence. And then, of course, he meets a girl (Diana Agron) and parts of his body start to feel all weird. Because he's an alien with superpowers. Duh.
Here's the trailer:

But it's fun to watch Dianna plays a different character than Glee and she's not like Bella who goes,dull dull dull and the hero is a gazillion times better than GayEdward who sparkles under the sun for absolutely no reason.
yup,i know the twi-hards will go,"noooo,twilight IS twilight"
This is me reacting to those who said that:




Well at least i know i'm not going to yawn 500 hundred times when the movie starts,like Twilight.
Once again,thanks rawe =)


  1. when i think back...i used to LOVE twilight so much....and now when i think back....this story is ABSURD......i mean like i never heard any vamp-mith about sparkling under sunlight....that was soooo wander thay call him the sparkling bitch....XD lol....and now i regret reading & liking twilight...

  2. omegash...aku tringat lg bla ang ska gila2 kt twilight...huhuhu xD


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