December 3, 2010

you are judging a book by it's cover

look at this pix-

what do they have in common?I guess the first thing that come to your mind is all three of the are gays.Well i think they're TALENTED.
Everytime i told my friends or cousins that i loved them,or squeled everytime i saw them on tv or mags,the first thing that they do is,look at me in disgust.Then they say this:

"He's GAY!!"

and everytime i asked some of my friends do they like Adam Lambert,Chris Colfer or Christian Siriano or not,they say NO.the reason?Because he is GAY.

Well let me tell you this,THEY ARE FREAKIN TALENTED.

Adam lambert is a great singer and he knows how to glams up more than a woman does.He's music and style is outta this world.
Chris Colfer is also a fantastic high-pitched singer and actor.He was even nominated for the Emmy's.
Christian Siriano is a totally an expert when it comes to fashion and also he has a fabulous style.

you guys are judging a book by it's cover.

i don't care if they're gay.
i loved them because they're talented.


ah,what the hell.HATERS GONNA HATE.

but we glamberts,gleeks and christian siriano fans are gonna love them forever no matter what you hatters say.

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