December 31, 2010

movies of 2011-and my reaction on the ones i hate

2010 sure had a lot of awe-some movies and some of the lamest one too.But what does 2011 movies has for us?Of course there will be badass movies and yeah,the crappy movies.Check the upcoming movies in 2011 here,guys!Also,there's my reactions on the movies i hate on 2011.








  1. sarah!! ni aku,yasmin..recently aku tengok marathon harry potter and guess what..aku rasa draco handsome!! for the first time kot

  2. finally ang baru nak taw ka...but sorry la yek cik kak...dia i punya taww

  3. ohhhh!!!!!!!!!!
    1) ghost rider 2
    2) pirates of the carrebian
    3) transformers
    and my personal favourite which is not in your list: drive angry in 3D
    -ps-this is frog/lizard lover

  4. ikr!can't wait to watch 'em!
    drive angry best ke?


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