December 10, 2010

new obsession

I've just found my new obsession(well,sorta).
When i'm not blogging or watching tv or daydreaming about prince charming riding a horse asking me for a dance,i read a book.

Well not just ANY book.Since last week,i've started reading books about high-school girls and teenagers.I kinda like that than a book about David Copperfield written by Charles Dickens my dad bought for me.Never in my life i actually read a 200 over page book in like,3 and a half days.

I like stories like that.Like high school students and teen guys and girls.Maybe i'm a teen myself and i feel like i'm part of the book.Feels so good reading it!No kidding!So far,i've read these books-

I think The Clique makes me over reacting the most.I was like "Omegash!!!Claire is talking to Chris!!!" and "Damn!Why Chris and Claire did not be couple?!" and The Wedding Planner's Daughter makes me cries the most.

Now that all those books are finished read by me,i totally need a new teen-book.So i'm waiting to go to Quuensbay Mall with  shafie and alia to buy books this sunday,i hope =)

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