December 28, 2010

which is better?

Now there's a new addiction in my life other than reading teen novels and playing it girl on facebook of course.It's going to the cinema!*applause*

For the past 5 or 6 years,i'm not really a big fan going to the cinemas watching newly released movies.But now,hell yea i am!!! I guess it's kinda cool though watching new movies which costs rm8 or rm17 on a big fat screen while eating a large box of popcorn(even cooler when watching it with GFFs(stands for gurlfwens forever)) than actually downloading the movie itself on a 30 inch laptop without wasting money,riiitttteee???

so one day i wanna be like a cousin of mine:
Nisa Afiqah
In just a week she has watched 6 movies.literally.i guess.or so how i read at her blog post.
One day i shall have a movie marathon with my GFFs =)

So tomorrow i'm gonna watch Gulliver's Travels again(this time not in 3d)with my gurlfriends on my last outing at Queensbay.I'm fine with it but what i'm not fine with is...which one is the best?

watching movie at the cinema
downloading the movie to your computer?

See that poll on the left?yea,take it it's your the last day on earth.

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