December 7, 2010

the one that made me cry

I have read tons of books ever since i was little but when i grew bigger and bigger i don;t think that books are my best friends after all.When i was like 9,my favourite books are Enid Blyton's.Now it's just "Gross Facts"books.So when i finished my novel,i don't know what to do at night and i usually sleep at 3 am.So i decided to read this book i bought at school:The Wedding Planner's Daughter by Coleen Murtagh Paratore.

I am a slow reader,you see.But I managed to finished that book in just three days.Yesterday I finished it.And i cried at the last 2 chapters.I have never cried reading a book before in my whole entire life.I was like,"Dammit Sarah,don't cry.Don't fucking cry!"

But i cried anyways.

It's kinda like  mother-daughter love at the end.Sure,it's funny at first but then it get's more emotional and heart warming.
Here's the synopsis:

Finally, 12-year-old Willafred Havisham, or Willa as she likes to be called, believes with her whole heart and soul that she and her mom, Stella, are finally in the right place at the right time? Willa's dreams of her first best friend ever and the major connection between her mom and her English teacher, Sam clinch it for her. Could it be her thirteenth birthday wish just may come true this time around? But as long as she can remember Willa dreads the day the armor of steel surrounds her mother. It could only mean one thing, another move. 
In the efforts to secretly help the weddings that her mother Stella organizes, Willa always includes a secret thirteenth ingredient until the day everything comes to an ending no one ever suspected. 
"Mother, your weddings were perfect, but you were sewing your sadness into them, like a spell. I know you didn't realize it, or do it on purpose, but the day after the wedding your brides would start crying and..." 
The hopes and dreams of Willa will cast a spell over the reader. Add in co-conspirators, you will cheer Willa on with every action she takes for the one thing she ever wanted. However, sometimes what you wish for is not actually what you are looking for. 

So if you love this type of story or like to cry,you gotta buy this book.


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