December 30, 2010

Secret Gifts!

I went out yesterday with Yasmin,the Joannes,Atiqah,Sherise and Ahirah to celebrate our pmr results,sorta.And i just couldn't believe that i actually watched Gulliver's Travels for the second time this week and i still lol'd and the funny scenes.That movie was super duper awe-some.I can't wait for Jack Black in Kung Fu Panda 2!

posing with Gulliver =
i still took pics in cinema even though illegal.what-evah!

Then Athirah came up with this idea saying that we should pick out names and we must buy a gift for the person whose  name we took .Its sorta like Secret Santa,ya know.I picked Sherise's names and Athirah and i started to wander at S&J finding a cool gift.And i can't believe i'm missing the Barbie Fairytale Whatever show!I wanna see the cool outfits again!And Ken too!I admit,i love Ken.
luckily Joanne did took a pic of them!

We hit Pizza Hut later where we finally exchanged gifts!
so guess what i gift i bought for Sherise?

a 'big boss' cup!


And i got this cool black eye-liner from Joanne Tan!Awe--sooommee!


And the pic that Atiqah took before i get back home:
i will forever lol looking at this pic =)

I did bought 2 celeb mags from Borders,J-14 and PopStar coz i know beginning next year,i will rarely buy them =(((

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