December 10, 2010

so whoever watched The Amazing Race Asia 4 finale yesterday knew who won the first place and grabbed that US$100 000.


by the time to clock strike 8.30 pm,i rushed down to the living hall,where there's:
-2 box of large pizza
-a4 paper to support the richards that says "TEAM RICHARDS"

So when they won the first place i am screaming like mad.All this time i was supporting them and khaire and ethan.And when they're at the finals,i totally cheered for them!!!!!!!!!WAAARRGHH!!!!

The Riches, US$100,000 richer! At the final pit stop as Malaysia's Ivan and Hilda look on. (Photo courtesy of AXN)
the hunky Richards.awwww~
  After beating 9 other teams in a race across 15 cities in 8 countries and with over 38,000 kilometers traveled,they won!!!!!!

According to, Richard Hardin said upon their victory,“The run to the mat as the other teams cheered us on... I couldn't feel my body at all running up those steps,” Surely, that moment eclipsed even the most exhilarating instances they had during the race—like finally catching the four wily pigs in a Detour in Legazpi, Philippines; or Hardin staring his fear of heights in the face by doing a 440-foot bungee jump in New Zealand.

“Hardin's patience and my impatience strangely balanced us out in the last few legs,” mused Hererra.

“When Allan Wu announced that we were the first team to arrive, I felt like I had dropped 3,000 pounds off my back,” Hardin said, recalling the final pit stop. “TARA is an awesome experience like no other, but it’s definitely not easy,"

Rebel pals from Singapore Claire and Michelle took the second place while Indonesians Natasha and Hussein took the third place.Well there's an explaination to it.I have no idea why the hell Natasha let her dad do tightrope walking from tower 1 to tower 2 of the Marina Bay Sands Resort to get their clu and then makehis way back to tower 1 to finish the task even though she knew not only her dad is old(sorta) but terrified of heights!
To whoever followed the episodes,we all knew Hussein feared of heights when he traverse on a hanging rope between two coconut trees.

The 4 hour penalty they took for not doing the challenge changed all of their luck getting the second place.At that time Claire and Michelle arrived and they did the walking-on-a-rope challenge and grab the second place.

Somehow,this season finale of TARA dissapoint me a bit.The challenges are not difficult,the mind game is also not hard and the final pit stop is less lively than the other season finales of TARA.

But whatever.The Richards did win,riiighhttt???
Sarah GlambertGleek
joy for the Richards!

click here to watch the hunky Richards win TARA.
oh sure,it's a ride of a lifetime =)

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