December 26, 2010

the tale at queensbay

I've decided to go out with one of my girlfriends,Aini.Actually i did invited lots of people but none of them could come so at the end it's only me and Aini.It's like a date.A girl date.

Aini arrived there earlier than me though and when she called me,i was at home,making myself look prettier coz i know there will be hot dudes that i could drool over there.

damn,she knew my definition of "on da way" is actually 'i'm still at home"

So then we met up,i paid for the tickets to watch Gulliver's Travels in 3d.We felt kinda happy coz this is our first time watching movie in 3d(i know,it's kinda outdated but whoop de doo)

Didn't get the chance to snap pics at the cinema though,but this one guy make us drool!Damn his awe-some hair!

Gulliver's Travels is kinda funny you know,like the other Jack Black funny movies but there's not much in 3d.Hampehh.And oh,before the movie starts,there's a Scrat from Ice Age 2 minute story on how he created the 7 continents of the world(by accident) yea,you just had to LOL at that!)

So after the movie finished,we saw a Barbie Fair/Fashion Show and somehow i kinda felt excited - when i saw Ken =D
the stage-it's glamorous!

awesome outfits~
I bought some gurls stuff with Aini.I don't even know where the hell did i get addicted to that kind of stuff!but it was worth it.A black eyeliner,mascara and multi eyeshadow will do.

then i was talking to Aini about iPad and we happen to pass this little boy in a thing looks like a baby carriage,playing with an iPad

Me:are you thinking what i'm thinking?
Aini:budak tu...budak tu...iPad??
then we pass that boy for the second time,admiring the iPad =)
Aini:kalau aku nk jdik kak angkat budak tu bole tak?haha

Then we hit Speedy where i bought the Humanoid and Hands All Over cd~awe-some.We tried to find a restaurant where we both never been before but since it's Christmas,almost all of them were full so we end up eating at KFC which was full of people as well but we did found a seat.

belanja Aini makan Zinger burger hehee

y u no photogenic,Aini?!


And here's where the major story began.
The tale at KFC.

So i was enjoying my meal with Aini where there's a big fat laugh spreaded by a bunch of teens(couples mostly) sitting together not far from us.I was like,okay whatever.And the every 30 seconds they will laugh LOL.each LOL is harder than the previous one.And that's getting on my nerves.I could tell i'm not the only one yang menyampah.Aini pon sama.And i bet those people at kfc too.

Me:time macam ni la aku lagi prefer dengaq lagu justin bieber than dengaq depa gelak.
Aini and Me:BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Actually our laugh to annoy them wasn't good see,2 versus 20...not much.But if my ultimate comic geek gurlfwenn Azyra were there,i'm sure we beat them =D

I saw one of them was acting with his dslr snapping photos of his friend who wears tudung(atas dada,ofkos) leaning her head on a guy(her bf,no doubt).ew.tak dak maruah langsung.

So besore Asar,we both parted ways and i promised to you Azyra,we are SO gonna have a gurls' out one day,hun =)And i tell you what,i'm nopt gonna break it.

here's a cute snowman 4 ya!  

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