December 8, 2010

the unexpected.

Okay,something happened last week.
So here the story goes:
My mom's laptop was at her office and she didn't bring it home so i used my aunt's laptop instead,which she bought like 3 weeks ago.
You see,when i'm using laptop or a computer,i must have a glass of water beside me.At night,i prefer tea of coffee just to get inspiration when i'm blogging.

Okay back to the story.
I was using my aunt's laptop when i suddenly,i repeat,SUDDENLY spilled plain water to my aunt's laptop.
so when i rushed to take tissues to wipe the wet laptop,the damn laptop has already blacked was dead.

omegash,i felt soooo bitchy at that,wait.i felt soooo small and since that day onwards,my mom had banned me from drinking in front of computer.

and i didn't talk to my aunt-again.

and the cost for the repair is 800 bucks!
what the---

my mom scolded me for that and me with my 'selamba' face thinking,'fine,go take my bank account instead'.

i break a lot of things,like

my brother's ps2
my chair(i haven't told my mom yet about this or she'll freaked out)
the remote controls

and i don't remember anything else i break.

helloooo~ it was meant to be,alright?
it's not like i wanna do it on purpose even if i want to,BUT I DIDN'T,OKAY??!!
just deal with it,you cunt.

my mom said i don't feel sorry after what i ACCIDENTELY did.
of course i do.
it's just i don't like showing it.
i'm just too ego,maybe.
i'm full of pride,baby.

i hope the laptop's gonna be fine.

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