December 22, 2010

what i wanna do before i die

All of us know that the buried life has already been showed at 8tv every Wednesday,9.30 pm,unless you just get out from prison or have been living under a rock.

the buried life is about 4 friends who went on a road trip with a big purple bus and trying to complete the list of what they wanna do before they die and along the journey,they also help people on what they wanna do before they die

That makes me think of something.
What i wanna do before i die?
Here's a list:-

-do a bungee jumping on at Bungy Jumping Center,Ticino,Switzerland which is 722 feet,and also the highest in the world
-do sky-diving-taking the leap of faith of the cargo hold of the B90 King Airplane at an altitude of 3000 feet high.
-stay in the best suite
-Travel the world 
-hang out with celebrities
-cross country with my best buds in a volkswagon 
-fall deeply in love with the right guy
-be a Crime Scene Investigator in NYPD.
-go to a rodeo in Texas
-ride an ATV
-walk across a frozen lake
-watch the launch of a space shuttle
-spend a whole day eating junkfood wthout feeling gulty
-spend a whole day watching moves in 3d
-learn to ski,rollerblade,surf and skateboarding
-be an audience on Ellen deGeneres 
-write a fan letter to the casts of Glee 
-grow my own vegies and eat it*yucks*
-meet every celebs that i loved
-sing a great song in front of a big crowd
-take a flight in Airbus A380
-spend a night in a haunted house-by myself
-sleep under the stars
-take a ride on the highest roller coaster in the world,Kingda Ka
-learn to juggle
-raft through the Grand Canyon
-give a speech in public
-scuba dive in Australia's Great Barrier Reef
-go up in a hot air balloon
-donate to a charity-anonymously
-go fishing and eat my catch
-create my own website
-run to the top of Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa
-overcome my fear
-join a flash mob
-go to a film premiere
-paint some graffiti
-do a backflip and splits
-walk on the great wall of china
-take an african safari
-do rock-climbing
-dive with the sharks/dolphins
-get a ride on a jet/helicopter.
-do jet boating
-go whale-watching
-escape to a paradise island
-wonder at Iguassu Falls
-roll down a hill inside a giant ball
-catch sunset over Uluru(Ayers Rocks)
-fly over a volcano
-experience wing-walking
-climb Mount Everest/Kilimanjaro
-do paragliding
-do the cresta run in Switzerland
-visit the natives.
-go heli-skiing
-teach English in a foreign country
-stand at the North pole
-attend the Olympics
-take a part in La Tomatina

-try to eat a big bowl of veggies
-belanja someone who i don't know in a fabulous restaurant
-attend the world's largest water fight in Koh Lanta, Thailand
-saying 'i love you' and meant it
-stay up all night long and watch the sunrise
-watched the meteor shower
-see the Northern Lights

-stalk someone secretely
-buy Pontiac Solstice 
-held a lamb
-milked a cow
-held a lamb
-donated blood
-write a good book
-learn parkour
-drive a Nascar.
-played in a mud
-raised my kids
-helped an animal gave birth
-walked at the Golden Gate Bridge
-visit Niagara Falls in person.
-live my life as free as possible ;)

see the poll on the left?do take it and let's see what do YOU wanna do before you die?

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