January 31, 2011

Ain't that some shit?

So this thing happened about 2 weeks ago i guess.I was having fun with my girlfriends by replacing every bad word with 'bieber'.Like,"what the bieber?!","Shut the bieber up!" or "you mother-bieber,what the bieber you want?!"

I put there as my status  and after a bunch of likes and cool comments saying they agree with me,there's this one female comment,


And i was like,"Fuck,did she just called me a bitch?Because i make fun of bieber?"

Then i was like,"what the hell?do i even care?"

Okay so first of all,i don't really mind people calling me a bitch coz there are like,hundreds and hundreds more of words yang lebih teruk from "bitch".I'm like,"what the fuck,dude?is bitch the only word you know to curse a woman?go to urban dictionary,you will find more words that are worse than "bitch".

Secondly,HEY IF YOU GOT SOMETHING BAD YOU WANNA SAY TO ME,SAY IT TO MY OWN DAMN FACE! tak payah jadi pengecut nak maki maki orang,plus kat status orang pulaak.

A couple of days later,when i was walking down the stairs with my friends nak pergi lab,terserempak dia,and dia like,jeling at me.I was like,"Fuck that shit.As if i give a damn."

Thirdly,i found this on facebook which made me not so angry when people call me bitch because...



BARK is part of a TREE




i am so flattered :DD

And lastly,

here's for you.

January 30, 2011

I don't like home design magazines.

Turun bawah,misi utama nak makan.But something caught my eye.A pile of new mags.Sah.My dad dah beli mags for us to read.Tengok mags satu persatu.E-baca,Princess,Asuh,sumpah tu semua untuk my lil sis.And yes,dia baca Princess.Then mag yang last sekali makes me sighed.


That's 100% for me.


Since last year my dad always give me mags about home designs,bathroom designs and yang sama waktu dengannya.It is so obvious he wants me to be an architect or an interior designer.

part of the mags that my dad bought for me.Ada banyak lagi tapi tak tahu mana menghilang.

Jangan tanya kenapa i senang-senang hati je kata macam tu pasal my dad.He even mentioned it.

Dad:Nah,abah beli Anjung Seri untuk Sarah.Nanti Sarah boleh jadi architect.
Me:Anjung what?

Nasib baik dalam Anjung Seri tu ada gambar laki ensem,if not dah lama mag tu simpan bawah almari.

I want to be a Crime Scene Investigator in New York.That's why i took science stream.People might think it's funny,but it's not.I'm serious.I'm seriously serious.

i hope i'll get a boss like this badass.ngee~

Dad,i appreciate what you've bought for me.But you see,i don't like architecture and designing stuffs for home.I love science.

Missing you

I never thought that the day will come.The day that you will leave me and went somewhere else.Even though you pergi other states in Malaysia,it feels like you  pergi ke hujung dunia where i will never find you.All these years,I've had so much fun,laughter and tears(a little bit) with you.Even i anggap you were like part of my soul.

To Shafinaz,remember the day when you hugged me,then i said,"jangan peluk kuat-kuat nanti aku menangis?"
well,i really mean it.Then i tunduk kepala,buat-buat tengah cari something dalam beg,but actually,i tengah tahan nangis.I'm sorry i couldn't give anything for you as a gift before you go to Kedah,but i made this short poem for you

We've known each other for almost 3 years now.
You wrote that i'm your biggest fan at my table when we're in form two.
We've been in trouble in form two when our camera kena rampas

Then in form three we asyik sembang pasal glee
and also David Archuleta kadang-kadang
Sometimes our crushes
But now in form four you nak pindah dah

Now i realised that time flies fast.

I'm sad,but pretended not to be one.

When you are there,
Don't forget me.
Jangan kapel-kapel kat sana.
Nanti Archie marah .hehehe

I hope you read this poem
Even though it's kinda rojak.
I'm holding back my tears,
Hoping that one day we meet again 

Because we will.


Best of luck,Shafie ^_^

January 29, 2011

i won't forget.

I'm not gonna say much.Thinking that this pic could explain it to you.I still can't forget about what happened two days ago.And i guess i never will.

NOTE:still waiting for atiqah to make my blog header.This blog looks shitty =((

Wacky Apartment

This tiny apartment in Brooklyn is made with 25,000 ping pong balls.Can you believe it?
The design is so sleek and awe-some.


To my friend Sherise,there i've done it.For the past three days,i feel like there's many.large,butterflies in my stomach whenever i think about it.I'm glad i didn't pee today.I could barely hear myself think when i talk to that person even though it's a simple conversation.But why are you not there to witness it??

It is the most horrifying,challenging and most memorable dare ever.

And to my friends,Yasmin,Joanne,Jia Ying,Zulaiha and Atiqah,thank you for supporting me .kalau tak i dah lama lari macam ayam tak ada kepala and then menggeletar macam orang tak cukup gula.=D

Siapa nak tahu cerita sebenar,serbulah aku bila sekolah bukak balik nanti.bhahahaha.

I just can't tell all the details on what happened to me today.Manalah tahu dia tengah baca,i'm doomed.We never know right?

For anyone who's reading this,if you never had a crush in your teenage years,you have a very sad life,then.Crushes make our life more interesting even though we knew that him/her will never choose us.Well that's my opinion.I don't know about others but whoop-de-doo.

Ending this post with a song from Glee that might relate to my situation,i hope.

January 28, 2011


I don't know why,but since the last two weeks,i totally care about my reputation in school.Some people might find it's funny,but actually it's not.This whole week has been like hell.But i know behind every shitty thing,there will be some stuffs that make you go,"everything went better than expected".So i'll just describe how's my day have been this week roughly.


Our class had been labelled as kelas terkotor this week.Of course,everyone is blaming me because i'm the ketua keceriaan i should decorate the board.Fine,i'll take that blame like a brave chick.Reputation goes down.


My class teacher just found out that our class is the kelas terkotor.Obviously she's searching for me.I made a pinky swear with her that our class will be the kelas terbersih.Reputation goes down-again.
Just come up with the word 'fluffy' and i always say it.That made me feel awe-some for a bit,i guess.FLUFFEYHH!


Reputation goes up.Yep,i played a dumb blonde for our English drama-thingy.And Zulaiha won't stop teasing me.Chehh.


Reputation goes down a bit.Everyone suddenly serbu me to help decorate the back board just because our discipline teacher will check our class anytime soon.Actually i appreciate you guys punya help,but it made me stress out a bit.


Reputation goes up.i said fluffy like 27 trillion times today.Woah.And then i had to decorate the front board all by myself and went to fencing.Found out that they were there from 1 pm,but the training starts at 1.30pm.Chehh..Haha.And then my reputation goes all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy up when something happened,but not in school.That's like,my private reputation in my life.

January 23, 2011

under contruction

yup,says there on the post title.

my blog is currently under construction,that's why you can see my blog is like a dumpster.or worse.
Maybe in one week time,my blog header,fonts,etc will be changed when my friend,atiqah,is done with the photoshop thingy.

Worst fast food products

Fast food.
The first thing that pops into my mind is,"better than salads"

Yup,i am a huge fan of fast food.No doubt.
Fast food is bad for us-that,i know.But do i give a damn?Of course not.But recently i found out there are some worst fast food products.The worst offenders made this Top 10 list either because they were egregiously unhealthy or because the general concept made our gag reflex kick in (ahem, lasagna sandwich).

So join me as i count down the worst food product of 2010.

You can run, but you can't hide from Dunkin' Donuts Meat Munchkins -- the ads for which have been terrorizing people on TV, online and even on the subway. It's true: Fast food breakfast was trendy in 2010
One measly taco, one cup of watered-down sugar water, and one bag of chips should never ever in any way, shape, or form be considered a "meal."

In a desperate attempt to lure fast food breakfast customers away from McDonald's, Burger King tested a "BK brunch" in a limited locations complete with non-alcoholic mimosas. Note to Burger King: OJ + Sprite does not a mimosa make.
7. McRib
After McDonald's reintroduced the product to outlets nationwide this fall, it became clear why the sandwich has a cult -- and not a widespread -- following. General consensus: We liked the McRib better when it was nearly impossible to locate.
Can you ever have too much cheese? When we're talking about four fried mozzarella sticks inside a grilled cheese sandwich (at Denny's), well then the answer is: Yes, absolutely, yes.

Even if you shared the mammoth pizza burger six ways as Burger King intended, you'd only be consuming 420 calories in Whopper, pepperoni, cheese, and marinara sauce. But what would be the point of that?
Just because two foods are awesome on their own doesn't automatically mean they should go together. 
Food bloggers the world over couldn't shut up about KFC's infamous sandwich -- bacon and cheese wedged between two pieces of fried chicken. Most expressed horror about the fact that it has 1380 mg of sodium, while one (clearly confused) reviewer called it "man's greatest achievement."
This IHOP monstrosity features cheesecake layered between two pancakes, topped with sugary fruit compote and whipped topping -- because who doesn't like to start the day riding the blood sugar roller coaster. 

And the the fast food product that grabbed the number one spot is...
It's a hamburger wedged between two grilled cheese sandwiches. With mayo. Is it time to stop denying the fact that Friendly's is trying to kill us?

January 22, 2011

missing you like crazy.


Not really a true story.

By the way,someone yang aku really,totally respect dah buang aku daripada friend list dia at facebook.

Or maybe dia tukar nama but aku just tak notice??

Where the hell are you?

Oh no,he didn't!

Everyone in the whole wide world knew Justin Bieber.Well who didn't??He is so darn famous that when you type the letter 'j' at google,justin bieber will pops out.And every single time i went to the mall,his songs will be played.He's 17 and i've seen many fans fainted when they saw him. Literally.

Some fans even worshiping him like he's God.But he's NOT.Note that,beliebers.

And never in a million years will i like him.
Not only i hated his voice and a totally bad actor,he also had a very bad attitude as a teen celebrity who's an idol to his fans.When his floor manager stars giving him directions on where  he was about to perform,Bieber turned around and said, 'Don't ever f***ing touch me again.'

And you still like him??!!

And now my worst nightmare is about to come true.

my very first reaction.
I rather get my throat butchered and drink toilet water instead.
I mean,why him?Why not someone else who's WAAAYYY better than him like,Cody Simpson or Greyson Chance come here???Man,I hope his plane got hijacked or something.

I was supposed to sell all my Bieber posters to Syamira,one of his fans.You see,i did buy a lot of BOP,J-14 and Ten Pop mags,but not because of Bieber,but because of some other celebrities that people are just too blind to see that they are more talented than that weird-hairstyle dude.And every single freakin issue,Bieber will always be on the cover,his stories will come first,and whatever he did in this world will bee taken and published there!wait,WHAT?!So i've deccided to sell ALL those posters that keeps bugging my life to Syamira.One poster for rm2.

this is only one-third of all the posters i've hade.

Oh by the way,i'm his major-hater.You can say what the fuck ever you want.As if i give a shit on what you say.

January 21, 2011

Ghetto names

I haven't have any time to blog today.I told my mom i got some presentation about komsas but then i surf the web.yaww~

Fencing today is not much.Just like Wednesdays,I tought some of the new members on marche only.Maybe next week on launch and rompre(is that how you spell it?)

Sherise make some funny accent today.I'm glad i didn't so damn hard or else i'll pee.She was doing some insanely funny accent and did some thing about a surf dude.Three of us at the back keep calling Sherise and  she was like,"i'm going to change my name,you know!so you will stop calling me Sherise..!"

That gimme some sort of an idea.Found this on 9gag about Ghetto names.I think it's quite cool.Now Sherise can change her name.Bahahaha.


Hi there,my name is Na-Sha-Gurl-Sha-La  :)

January 20, 2011

Glee FTW!

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards just ended and yes,i am extremely absolutely excited.Why?Because Glee win big.Huge.And the most important thing was,Chris Colfer won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television!
Chris Colfer Cuddles Up to His Trophy at the 68th Annual Golden Globes

Here's his speech:-
"I think I just dropped my heart between Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore. So if anyone sees that please give it back to me.Thank you so much Hollywood Foreign Press. I have to thank Ryan Murphy for basically being my fairy godfather... everybody at FOX, Robert Ulrich for submitting me to the show when there was nothing to submit me for, our amazing, amazing, amazing crew who keep us sane during the crazy times, and our very talented cast - you guys deserve this as much as I do."
"But most importantly to all the amazing kids that watch our show and the kids that our show celebrates - who are constantly told "NO" by the people in their environments, by bullies at school that they can't be who they are or have what they want because of who they are. Well, screw that, kids!"
Best line of the night ;D

So proud of Chris! More than any other nominee tonight, I was hoping Chris would win. His performance as Kurt Hummel is simply spectacular.And yeah,i cried.there,i admit it.

You can see that Heather Morris,Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, Jayma Mays and Mathew Morrison tearing up during his acceptance speech.

Jane Lynch 2011 Golden Globe
Jane Lynch winning the globe

Not only did cast members Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer nab individual awards, but the show also took home Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical.Me likey likey!

Here are the list of the winners of that ah-mazing night.

Winners of Golden Globe 2011
Best Picture (Drama)
The Social Network
Best Picture (Musical or Comedy)
The Kids are All Right
Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama)
Natalie Portman - Black Swan
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama)
Colin Firth - The King's Speech
Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy)
Annette Bening - The Kids are All Right
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy)
Paul Giamatti - Barney's Version
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Christian Bale - The Fighter
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Melissa Leo - The Fighter
Best Director
David Fincher - The Social Network
Best Foreign Language Film
In a Better World
Best Screenplay
The Social Network - Aaron Sorkin
Best Original Score
The Social Network- Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Winners of the Golden Globe Awards 2011 ~ Prime Time Television Awards
Best Television Series (Drama)
Boardwalk Empire
Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series (Drama)
Steve Buscemi - Boardwalk Empire
Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series (Drama)
Katey Sagal - Sons of Anarchy
Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy)
Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series (Musical or Comedy)
Jim Parsons - The Big Bang Theory
Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series (Musical or Comedy)
Laura Linney - The Big C
Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television
Al Pacino - You Don't Know Jack
Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television
Claire Danes - Temple Grandin
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Chris Colfer - Glee
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Jane Lynch – Glee

Oh yeah,by the way,for all you people who say Glee sucks or Chris Colfer sucks,well,


January 16, 2011

what else could be worse?

Sore throat,running nose and tired.what else could be worse?all of that seriously happen to me this whole week of disaster.And hari demi hari,homework bertimbun.Tak cukup lagi,tutor bagi kerja la pulak ditambah.Haha,tapi still ada time untuk blogging.Kerja sekolah dah half finished,just +maths je.

this is me every.single.day.
Damn,with all those flu and coughing i got,i totally forgot bout +maths and those formulas bla bla bla.Takpa,nanti kata kat tutor,tak tahu macam mana nak buat.Gila kau 12 soalan straight tak boleh buat?Memang nak kena maki ngan tutor la macam ni...Bahaha
semua kerja aku campak je atas meja.hahaha.

My desk is full of books now.And by this week dah ada 3 lipas dah yang menginap kat bilik aku.Yuck.Dasar anak dara pemalas bersihkan bilik.ngee~

Fencing practice pun dah tukar hari and masa.Usually it's Fridays,1-3pm and Saturdays,3-5pm but now our coach said that it's Mondays and Wednesdays,3-4.30pm.I guess it's kinda okay but for other members,i dunno yet.hurmm.

Remember how when we're in primary school and our friends always gives their notebooks,asking us to write our biodata?I miss that =((  and now we're filling the index on our exercise books.I miss my old school days.Screw you,form 4.Drop dead.

So now,i'm trying not to take a irresistibly long nap after school.Instead i'm gonna do my homeworks and then at night,i could do my revisions and spend a little time drawing my comic.

I hope i could do that.=.="

January 15, 2011

adakah aku ni cerewet??

Obviously aku tak.okay maybe sikit.

Recently my mom just paid two tutors to teach me +maths,physics and chemistry.Seriously i don't like them at all.I don't understand the heck they're teaching and one of them seriously made me wanna sleep.

Now i totally missed my previous tutors.Mrs.Hasni,Mr.Hadi,Mr.Ng and Ms.Shan.

Yea i had an argument with my mom about my tutor classes.I wanna go to Ms.Siti's house for +maths,i wanna go to a tuition center for physic and chem.I don't care what happens,i just don't want that +maths and physic's tutor!!!

Mom did gave me all the tuition center that i could go and also their time and day.But i just can't decide yet as i'm busy with my fencing club(gotta discuss with my coach about the practicing time) and my japanese camp that's coming up on march.

I got a feeling that this is gonna be a loooonnnggg year =(

January 14, 2011

totally need this.

Seriously,having an alarm clock don't help me at all.I snoozed them and went back to sleep.lol.I guess these things could be my alarm clock or the stairway to pain...hahaha.


But you know,if you were beside me,i guess i don't need an alarm clock.I will forever wake up on time.

i miss you so damn much 

Please come back.Just please.

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