January 14, 2011

hate on me,haters.now or never.

The second week of school is like,entering a dungeon full of six-headed cobras.Or maybe worse than that.Not only i have to deal with homeworks,but also haters.

I don't think my friends think i have the credibility to be the president of the fencing club.Maybe because the way i act with them like sometimes i always go.'wazzuuuppp gurlfwennn!'.okay maybe not sometimes.ALWAYS.But do trust me,i can lead the fencing club.

So here's what some of the haters told me:

*i was at the fencing booth for the registeration day and one of the haters came*
Her:Weyy ang ka president??Tak layak!Tak layak!Tak layak!Tak layak!!!*repeat it again for 28 trillion times*

*i was at the meeting for my rumah sukan*
Me:Omegash,vice president aku still tak bagi lagi name list untuk fencing club.
Her#1:berapa orang sign up untuk fencing club?
Her#2:Nanti hang tengok la waktu meeting nanti sorang demi sorang nanti keluar.And then tinggal balik 12 orang macam tahun lepas.
Me:ahahahahaha(that's a fake laugh)
Her#1:kalau ada mana-mana junior yang ,masuk club ang kan,aku akan buat macam ni,*put palm on my shoulder as if i'm the junior*aku harap ang dapat bertahan.*muka sedih*

Yea well,that was so funny i forgot how to make a REAL  laugh.

At that point,i knew that they're being friends with me because i drew comics.And not because of who i am.

and then there's one more when i'm on a meeting for japanese club

president:okay so the blue shaded on is for your japanese language class and the red shaded on is for meeting...
Her:and for fencing...*inserted with a bitchy sinical sound*
Me:look, i don't give a damn.*i dont think she heard me but whatevs*

And there's this one i put it right here on my blog as an evident  :

*click to enlarge*

look i don't wanna be such a slut that i posted what they say about me here, but you see,all these bitchy,faggy comments are totally insanely hurting me so damn much that even when i think about it,i could cry.I was so pissed off and i swear,if anyone ever said to me that i won't be a good leader for fencing club , i'm gonna stand up for myself and i won't do that fake laugh again showing that i am weak.i don't care if you were my friend, i WILL set you on fire and butcher your throat.There someone finally said it.And i hope you are reading this so you will realize how much you hurt me.

I don't know who should i tell bout my problems.I wanted to,but i just can't.At that time of point,i hope he will be back so that he could listen to my problems.It's not like i like him or anything but,he's a good listener.I missed him so damn much =(((

bitch,one day you will realize you just made a big mistake laughing at me.HUGE.
I wanna proved to those haters that i can be a good leader.And i will.

Hate on me,haters.


  1. sapa yg cri psai gan hg ni??

  2. ada la sorang dua..or maybe berjuta.hahaha


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