January 8, 2011

Man with the golden voice

You know Ted Williams?No?Damn,you must have been living under a rock or just get out of prison then.

This homeless man became a YouTube sensation after getting filmed on the street by Columbus Dispatch reporter Kevin Joy. The footage shows Williams panhandling narrating a radio promotional segment in the most soothing voice of a radio announcer.When i heard his golden voice i was like,damn,he's so talented!!! His radio-voice is totally ah-mazing.Really.No kidding.If you haven't checked his voiced out yet,well,here it is!!!

Yea,he is gifted indeed.The video quickly gained notoriety because of Wiliam's deep and smooth voice.This video exceeded the 7 million views as of 5th of January 2011, two days after being uploaded.On January, 5th he was interviewed on the CBS Early Show, and an article was published on the CBS website.And on the following day, he appeared on NBC Today Show.And here's the touching part:-because of his instant rise to fame,Williams was able to reunite with his mother after 20 years.I admit,my tears were shed that day.

Of course,there's some kind of hating going on,i guess.Howard Stern called Williams a fraud, claiming that the story was fabricated by Williams in order to get back into radio.What an ass.Some people just couldn't see other people gain fame! But Williams fans quickly shot down Stern's comment and William's job offers continued to pour in.Awe--some!!!

Even though we're in January, i think this guy should be titled as "hero of the year".His story could be made into a movie...right???

what a very inspirational story. =)))

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