January 30, 2011

Missing you

I never thought that the day will come.The day that you will leave me and went somewhere else.Even though you pergi other states in Malaysia,it feels like you  pergi ke hujung dunia where i will never find you.All these years,I've had so much fun,laughter and tears(a little bit) with you.Even i anggap you were like part of my soul.

To Shafinaz,remember the day when you hugged me,then i said,"jangan peluk kuat-kuat nanti aku menangis?"
well,i really mean it.Then i tunduk kepala,buat-buat tengah cari something dalam beg,but actually,i tengah tahan nangis.I'm sorry i couldn't give anything for you as a gift before you go to Kedah,but i made this short poem for you

We've known each other for almost 3 years now.
You wrote that i'm your biggest fan at my table when we're in form two.
We've been in trouble in form two when our camera kena rampas

Then in form three we asyik sembang pasal glee
and also David Archuleta kadang-kadang
Sometimes our crushes
But now in form four you nak pindah dah

Now i realised that time flies fast.

I'm sad,but pretended not to be one.

When you are there,
Don't forget me.
Jangan kapel-kapel kat sana.
Nanti Archie marah .hehehe

I hope you read this poem
Even though it's kinda rojak.
I'm holding back my tears,
Hoping that one day we meet again 

Because we will.


Best of luck,Shafie ^_^

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