January 22, 2011

Oh no,he didn't!

Everyone in the whole wide world knew Justin Bieber.Well who didn't??He is so darn famous that when you type the letter 'j' at google,justin bieber will pops out.And every single time i went to the mall,his songs will be played.He's 17 and i've seen many fans fainted when they saw him. Literally.

Some fans even worshiping him like he's God.But he's NOT.Note that,beliebers.

And never in a million years will i like him.
Not only i hated his voice and a totally bad actor,he also had a very bad attitude as a teen celebrity who's an idol to his fans.When his floor manager stars giving him directions on where  he was about to perform,Bieber turned around and said, 'Don't ever f***ing touch me again.'

And you still like him??!!

And now my worst nightmare is about to come true.

my very first reaction.
I rather get my throat butchered and drink toilet water instead.
I mean,why him?Why not someone else who's WAAAYYY better than him like,Cody Simpson or Greyson Chance come here???Man,I hope his plane got hijacked or something.

I was supposed to sell all my Bieber posters to Syamira,one of his fans.You see,i did buy a lot of BOP,J-14 and Ten Pop mags,but not because of Bieber,but because of some other celebrities that people are just too blind to see that they are more talented than that weird-hairstyle dude.And every single freakin issue,Bieber will always be on the cover,his stories will come first,and whatever he did in this world will bee taken and published there!wait,WHAT?!So i've deccided to sell ALL those posters that keeps bugging my life to Syamira.One poster for rm2.

this is only one-third of all the posters i've hade.

Oh by the way,i'm his major-hater.You can say what the fuck ever you want.As if i give a shit on what you say.

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