January 28, 2011


I don't know why,but since the last two weeks,i totally care about my reputation in school.Some people might find it's funny,but actually it's not.This whole week has been like hell.But i know behind every shitty thing,there will be some stuffs that make you go,"everything went better than expected".So i'll just describe how's my day have been this week roughly.


Our class had been labelled as kelas terkotor this week.Of course,everyone is blaming me because i'm the ketua keceriaan i should decorate the board.Fine,i'll take that blame like a brave chick.Reputation goes down.


My class teacher just found out that our class is the kelas terkotor.Obviously she's searching for me.I made a pinky swear with her that our class will be the kelas terbersih.Reputation goes down-again.
Just come up with the word 'fluffy' and i always say it.That made me feel awe-some for a bit,i guess.FLUFFEYHH!


Reputation goes up.Yep,i played a dumb blonde for our English drama-thingy.And Zulaiha won't stop teasing me.Chehh.


Reputation goes down a bit.Everyone suddenly serbu me to help decorate the back board just because our discipline teacher will check our class anytime soon.Actually i appreciate you guys punya help,but it made me stress out a bit.


Reputation goes up.i said fluffy like 27 trillion times today.Woah.And then i had to decorate the front board all by myself and went to fencing.Found out that they were there from 1 pm,but the training starts at 1.30pm.Chehh..Haha.And then my reputation goes all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy up when something happened,but not in school.That's like,my private reputation in my life.

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