January 16, 2011

what else could be worse?

Sore throat,running nose and tired.what else could be worse?all of that seriously happen to me this whole week of disaster.And hari demi hari,homework bertimbun.Tak cukup lagi,tutor bagi kerja la pulak ditambah.Haha,tapi still ada time untuk blogging.Kerja sekolah dah half finished,just +maths je.

this is me every.single.day.
Damn,with all those flu and coughing i got,i totally forgot bout +maths and those formulas bla bla bla.Takpa,nanti kata kat tutor,tak tahu macam mana nak buat.Gila kau 12 soalan straight tak boleh buat?Memang nak kena maki ngan tutor la macam ni...Bahaha
semua kerja aku campak je atas meja.hahaha.

My desk is full of books now.And by this week dah ada 3 lipas dah yang menginap kat bilik aku.Yuck.Dasar anak dara pemalas bersihkan bilik.ngee~

Fencing practice pun dah tukar hari and masa.Usually it's Fridays,1-3pm and Saturdays,3-5pm but now our coach said that it's Mondays and Wednesdays,3-4.30pm.I guess it's kinda okay but for other members,i dunno yet.hurmm.

Remember how when we're in primary school and our friends always gives their notebooks,asking us to write our biodata?I miss that =((  and now we're filling the index on our exercise books.I miss my old school days.Screw you,form 4.Drop dead.

So now,i'm trying not to take a irresistibly long nap after school.Instead i'm gonna do my homeworks and then at night,i could do my revisions and spend a little time drawing my comic.

I hope i could do that.=.="

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