February 18, 2011

never give up.

so last wednesday,something baaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd happened.For me,it was bad.Okay,so here's how the story goes:

The School Play

My group did a last minute job for the play.I mean,our acting is great and stuff,but the time given was 15 minutes.I was so nervous that i thought i'm gonna pee or something.I play as an american and there's like 4 people saying i look like Faizal Tahir.More nervous.Rawe did look handsome too =)heheheMy first scene was so damn long and by the time we got to the second scene.the time is up.For a moment there,i thought my heart stopped beating.There goes my chance to be on broadway,i said to myself.

I was so humiliated, embarrassed,i felt like a total loser and i don't have the guts to get out of the backstage.I think from now on i'm gonna have a stage fright.I don't even know how to face my BM teacher tomorrow and also my friends.I'm gonna put a paper bag over my head.Fun thing was,me and rawe and sara explore a little bit of the clock tower.

Fencing Club

There's just a little bit of misunderstanding and yea,as a president,i take the damn blame you guys give me.

My Purse

I don't know where the hell i left it,i didn't care much of the money,apa yang aku paling nak ialah koleksi tiket wayang aku and gambar jay chou kat dalam tu!

The school play that have gone wrong tu lah yang memainkan major part aku depressed that day.Luckily,beberapa insan yang amatlah berhati mulia bagi kata-kata semangat untuk aku teruskan my acting thingy.Thanks guys,appreciate it so much =))

So you know what's my next step?I'm gonna join the school drama team this monday.

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