February 1, 2011

The teachers who made us really want to learn!

Sometimes in our life,we just kinda need that one teacher who's different from any other teachers.You know,the kind of that make you go,"i need that teacher!"
So the teachers i'm about to blog today are super cool teachers and you might wish to have that teacher in your life.

1) Dewey Finn 

That teacher from the movie,"School of Rock".Awesome rock teacher!Even though dia tak ajar subjek yang dia kena ajar murid-murid,but dia dah 'install' confidence in some of his students yang lack confidence,discover students dia yang ada music talent and together they all form a rock band to compete in a competition. - with lessons including positive body image, standing up for yourself, and how to rock outCool,isn't it?Well,i don't know about you guys but for me it is cool.Masuk-masuk kelas,play rock musics,motivate students on be confident and stuff.

2)Henry Jones Jr
Henry Jones Jr (Harrison Ford) | Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Who wouldn't want to be in Dr Jones' archaeology class, if only to follow that example of the lady in the front row with "I love you" written on her eyelids? (Gentlemen, like you wouldn't) While his teaching style appears to be solid rather than spectacular, there's always the hope that he might take you on one of his trips, and the way that his office is mobbed following lectures suggests a devoted following. And really, who can blame them?Plus,he's really adventurous and not afraid of anything that comes to him(except snakes) 

3)Mr. Ray
Mr. Ray / School Fish (John Ratzenberger) | Finding Nemo

Okay maybe yang ni out of topic sikit coz,we don't even want a stingray to be our teacher!But maybe his personality make all  of us wish that Mr.Stingray is a human and teaches us!Because nobody has ever been keener to get to school than little Nemo, not even the Ready Brek kid. And no wonder: his teacher is the jolliest and fun science master working in subsea education and - oh joy! - may even be slightly mad. This is a ray who believes in the practical, taking his little fishy pupils for a ride on his back to teach them about the other creatures of the seabed and singing a whole bunch of memory-aiding ditties along the way. The 'Let's Name the Species' song would definetely be a memorable song if we were in his class!

4)Will Schuester

Like seriously,sapa yang tak nak cikgu macam  ni?With his gorgeous curly hair,hot looks and great teaching in Spanish and his vocal talent(not to forget his ah-mazing moves),everyone wants to join his Spanish class and also Glee club!Well,not only that,he's  also caring(time dia protect Kurt daripada kena buli).No wonder la Rachel Berry pernah aada crush dekat dia!Mr.RAWR!(okay,ini sudah melebih)

Bukan nak kata semua cikgu tak bagus,the fact is,every teacher yang pernah ajar saya sejak saya masuk kindergarten memang bagus and banyak menabur jasa.Banyak lagi cikgu-cikgu yang bagus out there.I've experienced it.Maybe ada jugak cikgu-cikgu yang better from four of them?Who knows,right?I'm just sayin' yo.Tak tahulah macam mana pendapat you guys =)

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