March 27, 2011

hello kitty bike

Aku tengah explore the net until aku stumble upon something:


I go,'What the fuck is that shit?!'.Seriously,a hello kitty motorbike?what do you want seven year olds to ride it?Okay,it may be cute and oh very princessy,but what if a dude ride it?wouldn't it will know,FAGGY?!see that dude on the left of the picture?yeah,wearing the hello kitty jacket?Are you fuckin kidding me?Wahai kaum lelaki sekalian,nak ke pakai jacket macam tu dan naik motor hello kitty around town?Trust me,you never gonna have a girlfriend kalau macam tu.Even if you do,it's because of the motorbike.

So maybe this motorbike is for girls yang you know,too damn feakin' girlish dan cuma nak tunjuk kat satu dunia yang motorbike dia sangatlah unik?

I don't know what you think bout that motorbike but for me,meh,i don't like it.thankyouverymuch=)

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