March 19, 2011

You might not know this.

1.I'm a moovie-gooer.Aku takkan puas hati selagi aku tak tengok at least satu movie waktu cuti-cuti sekolah.

2.I'm a crappy photographer.I still didn't get it why orang yang tak professional boleh own a fuckin' dslr or slr or drsl or whatever.My camera may be a little old,but as long as it captures nice moments in my life,then that is perfect.

3.I hate to be ignored.Kalau aku tanya soalan especially soalan yang berkaitan dengan pelajaran dan orang tu buat bodo macam aku ni tak wujud,i'm gonna be so pissed off.Like real pissed off.

4.Sometimes i compare myself to others.

5.I need my spotlight.Especially in drama.

6.I laugh at my own fuckass lame jokes because i'm confident that they are funny.well at least,funny to me.

7.My oral test are like,not done yet.*applause*

8.How i wish i could read the music sheets.

9.I wish my school have a glee club.I don't care if i get slushied by those mofos,as long as i have a place to shine.

10.I hate sluts who are being fake just to get a douche attention.The only thing that they deserve is a handjob from edward scissorhands.

11. I'm getting lazier and lazier to draw comics and stuff because i'm not gonna be as super-artistic as someone in my class.

12.Yes,i am fuckin' jealous for people yang dapat attention without contributing a single fuck in this world.

13.I'm a little pissed off when i say 'hi' to people they didn't even say 'hi' back or smile back.Instead,they're like looking at me like i'm some sort of a fucktard or something.Thanks guys for making me look like such an idiot.

14.I'm being as sarcastic and straight forward here coz i am me.You got a problem dengan some things that i've just mentioned?well deal with it.Kalau still tak puas hati,datang cari aku and say it to my own damn face!


  1. ahah! number 3 i know what happened... we did not ignore you... we just heard the wrong Q and answer u the same thing

  2. happens a lot of time d with sumone else...


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