March 20, 2011

Rango and steamboat =D

Finally dapat jugak aku tengok movie this holiday.And it's Rango..!Woot woot!
Sebelum citer tu start,aku,atiqah,athirah and adik dia pergi Johny's for steamboat.I never knew Queensbay ada restoran steamboat lol!memang aku tak layak duduk penang muahaha.

The steamboat was nice even though it's kinda hot.Hehe..suma orang berebut nak masukkan seafoods dala periuk tuh.

inside Johny's

my chocolate float =)
delicious steamboat..

So after that,we went to watch Rango xD.For me,it was pretty good.The storyline was nice,the jokes were funny and i don't think it was a waste of money spending on it.It was worth watching.And i must say,i really love the four owl that always sings and play musical instruments throughout the whole story =)

And so,satu lagi tiket wayang ditambah ke collection tiket aku.Yippee =)

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