April 17, 2011

major stalker.

Oh really?Part of me doubt that.But sometimes i wish it's true.I just cant get rid of her from my head.I just can't get rid of him from my head,too.Tak guna betoi aku,log in facebook ja terus stalk dia.Tolonglah,aku tak nak digelar your freakin' major stalker.Kat sekolah pun aku dah dianggap weirdo oleh some people,apatah lagi kalau aku stalk kau?Even in real life,i stalk you.In a crowd of people,i keep looking for you.Mata aku tak lepas daripada mencari kau.Hati aku nanti resah bila kau tak ada.And bila aku tau kau ada,i smiled,i becaome a jolly person that day.Kalau kau dapat tau aku stalk kau,i'll be like,

I need to stop stalking you online,view all your perfect pictures.But hell i don't know how to do so.

It'll be so AWKWARD when you caught me staring at you.Terlintas tak kat kepala otak kau yang aku suka kau?I saw you looking at the other bunch people that day.Jelas sangat kat muka kau tu ang kau nak join group tu.Did you know all of them are a bunch of asshole guys?

Yes,we talked.Everyday.Tapi sekejap je pun.But i appreciate it.I treasure it.And i'm not trying to be jealous when i saw you talking to her.Talking to them.I tried.But i failed so hard.I keep falling for you.And this is SO wrong.Aku sedar kalau kita berjauhan,i can get over you.But at the same time,i'll be missing you like crazy.
so true.

I sing Terrified,and throughout the whole song,your face keep appearing in my head.The lyrics are so freaking true.

Fuck,i seriously need help.

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