May 30, 2011


First of all,aku tak kisah pun kalau ang baca post ni and rasa bersalah.You should be.

So here's the thing.Jom recap balik segala benda yang jadi for the past 4 years-

-we both love comics,mangas, and animes
-we act so damn crazy even if we're in separate classes
-we used to go to each other's classes in form 2 because kelas kita ni jiran.
-you read all my comics and my novel and clearly loved it
-you answer all my polls and surveys
-you sat next to me when we have some occasions going on in the school hall
-we talked and talked and talked and talked in the canteen during recess
-we get excited about our boyish haircuts

But now,i see you're getting comfortable with your new friends and here's what you've done to me -

-ignoring me
-asking me to hold your beg and when i crack a joke about it you say,"nih ang sama bilik dengan aku kan?" or something like that.Feels like i am a slave for you right now.
-Making these dumb jokes that i don't even understand with your new friends
-Having these conversation by putting the word 'yaa' in every single sentence without any particular logical reason and it's getting on my nerves
-Following you new friends wherever they go and yes,being so unpunctual.
-Loving your gadgets to death.
-When i asked for water,you said have this drinking problem.what do you want me to die of dehydration?
-wearing a pink t-shirt even though you used to tell me that you could faint by only seeing tha colour pink

This video clearly shows about a scrub like you-

That trip makes me realized how miserable you and your new clique are.Or maybe just you.You've changed.I don't give a shit if you want to be friends with others but do you really have to ignore me?Do you really have to pretend that i don't exist.I know i am quite invisible in my class,but being invisible for you after 4 years?

When you come to Japanese Club's meeting,please don't seat with me and Jia Ying and also Joanne.So bila ang tak dak clique ang nak bawak masuk JLS,baru ang nak duduk dengan aku?Go kiss your friends' asses.Go talk korean with them.Go and said 'yaa' in every sentence with them.Go and ignore me.I have Jia Ying.Joanne.Sherise.Alia.Jazmina.The ones who never turn their back on me.

And thanks for the plasters though.if you want me to pay for them,tell me.I will.

probably we could end up as enemies?i don't think so.we're not going to talk anymore.that's all.


Seat back

Most of the time aku tengok orang - 

-dapat phone canggih-canggih yang mak pak depa beli utk hadiah result pereksa terbaik depa.Yang result pereksa pun tak bapa nak elok pun mak pak depa bagi.Tau la 1/4 daripada harga phone aku sebagai hadiah pmr pun aku yang bokeluaq.

-dapat ipod daripada yang kecik molek sampai ke yang besaq gedabak yang mak pak depa beli.Aku nak beli yang rm50 pon mak aku kata 'po blah buang'

-boleh guna laptop 24/7 tanpa had.Aku nak bukak pon ada limit.Orang kata aku tak dak life.

-Selalu keluaq pi malls sesuka ati ja,lepak kat situ sampai suboh.Aku yang nak keluaq pon kena beletiaq sebelum pi

-Dapat elaun banyak-banyak dari mak pak depa,spend duit sana sini beli barang yang boleh bagi aku jeles.Aku lak kena save rm7 tiap hari kat sekolah.tu pun tak pernah jadik.

-Gilakan artis-artis korea sebab muka depa yang tak dak jerawat,dance steps depa yangsangat synchronized dan muzik-muzik yang rancak tapi bukan sebab suara depa.Jarang sekali aku dengaq orang kata depa minat artis korea sebab suara depa.

-Boleh pakai apa-apa saja depa nak,baju semua macam dari magazine Cleo,kalau aku kena make sure panjang baju kena lepaih pungkoq.

-Pegang DSLR ataupun camera canggih,kalau aku punya camera macam taik walaupun daripada Aussie.

Tapi aku sedar,walaupun aku tak dak semua barang-barang ni,aku masih lagi bernafas.Aku sedar yang kalau aku work hard for something yang memang aku nak,and bila aku dapat something tu,it will be worth it.Aku akan lebih sayang pada barang tu sebab tu usaha titik peluh aku sendiri untuk beli barang tu.Tak perlu nak bergantung pada mak pak for their money to buy that something unlike some of you people.

May 26, 2011

26th of May

Tomorrow i'm off to KL for a school trip and i'll be back on Sunday.It means that- 

-i cannot go for fencing on Saturday
-I can write more songs while i'm there
-i cannot watch the season finale of Glee
-i cannot watch movies with my sis and aunt(i overheard them planning to buy the movie tickets when i'm going to kl)
-i still cannot watch Glee
-i gain more experience probably?Maybe.

May 22, 2011

Hairstyles and Perspective

Dengan kaki kiriku yang tak boleh nak function sangat sebab kena seksa time fencing yesterday,aku pun gagahkan jugak diri aku duduk depan computer dan tulis post baru untuk hari ni.So aku better dapat credit for this!

So last Thursday aku dapat haircut yang amatlah pendek and oh,how i hate it so much.And bila kawan-kawan sekelas sejati aku saw it,they were like ,"it looks good on you!" "Sarah,you look good!" "It's Emma Watson's hair".Honestly,i doubt that i look good or whatsoever.I feel hairless.I think i look good with my kinda medium-long hair.Then masa tu lah aku fikir elok-elok,adakah stail rambut seseorang mempengaruhi mukanya?

The answer is hell to the yeah.

Nak bukti?Fine,tengoklah gambar-gambar celebriti lelaki sebelum dan selepas and compare it.

Spencer Smith -

(2008)                                                                                        (2011)

I was like,"are you kidding me,Spence?!" His hair in 2009 makes him looked a lot,probably waaayyy better than now.Yeah,maybe umur dia meningkat,but his 2011 hairstyle(and moustache) maked him like you know...yeah,tua.

Ryan Sheckler - 

(early 2008)                                   (June 2008)
   Ryan Sheckler Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler poses in the press room at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards  at Paramount Pictures Studios on September 7, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

Yeah,sure kita boleh nampak kening and telinga dia dengan lebih jelas sekarang,but bila dia ada rambut yang oh so boyish and cute tu menampakkan dia lebih cute and cute and cute.Bila dia shave his hair,he looks like a man.Wayyy to manly.Girls didn't fall for hairless guy to easily,you know.At least,i didn't.

Adam lambert - 


Aku tak tahu ni tahun bila but the first picture is when he was in American Idol.Well whatever hairstyle he have,he still looks like a frakin' epic rockstar and glam-star.I still love the first picture of his hairstyle.But ada jugak style rambut dia yang aku tak suka.My least favourite?The second one.I mean,he looks freaky.Just freaky.Sorry to say glamberts,i love the first one.So much.But the second one just doesn't look good on him.The third one?MEH..But i'm still a glambert!whee~

Okay cukuplah dengan gambar lelaki dan rambutnya.For sure kalau laki yang menysir rambut ke tepi nampak more hot.contoh paling baik ialah laki-laki korea.Duh.Kalau laki buat rambut kerinting pun boleh gak nampak hot macam,Kenny G.Kalau laki rambut panjang,it's always Ukitake Joushirou from citer Bleach walaupun dia kartun.Kalau laki rambut sisir ke belakang,it's Brendon Urie.Kalau derang buat stail rambut yang lain,i'm sure muka derang pun agak lain,right?

Celebriti perempuan dengan stail rambutnya-

Justin Bieber

Picture kat kiri tu aku tak tau when the hell was it but kat kanan tu obviously is this year.Right?So gambar yang kat kiri tu macam dia letak mangkok atas kepala dia and then cut it.So that's the result guts.While his new haircut kat belah kanan tu looks much more better.Maybe Selena suka dia sebab rambut baru dia??In fact dalam video 'never let you go' , he looks kinda handsome.

Rihanna - 

Yep,antara celebrity perempuan yang banyak tukar stail rambut.Bila dia shave her hair a little bit macam gambar keempat or pendek macam gambar kedua,she looks fierce.While gambar pertama and ketiga looks so normal,i love that.Gambar kelima?Fuck NO.she looks creepy.And gambar last sekali makes her looks so cute and feminine.i love it.

See what i'm talking bout?Different hairstyles give different perspective for some people and hairstyles DO have an effects on people's looks.It depends on what hairstyle it is.Aku bukan nak judge celebrities dengan rambut dia,but this is what i see from my perspective.Tak tahulah perspective korang macam mana kan.

May 20, 2011

Spotlight (Oh nostalgia)

This gives me goosebumps.Well,in a very good way.Kalau selama ni Patrick Stump selalu overshadowed by Pete Wentz dalam Fall Out Boy dulu,well guess what,now he got his own Spotlight.

Lagu ni macam lagu Firework by Katy Perry but DONE BETTER.

Bukan saja dia dah hot gila-gila sekarang,lagu dia best and this video is epic.So just a reminder,Patrick Stump is mine,fullstop.Damn,this song and music video gives me inspiration.This song is so...ME.Patrick Stump,you're the man.You are epic.You are ultimate.Fat or thin,your voice is still awesome to the caliber.

Line tak clear.

I think it's quite a miserable week for me because first of all,there are like four teachers who told me that my writing is small.I get a big applause today from half of the class because my sejarah teacher said my writing is small.Thanks for insulting,guys.My english teacher said my writing is MINUTE.My physics teacher said i have to use a 0.7 pen to write.I have been writing like that since i was 14.And hell yeah i have a problem writing big.The alphabets wouldn't be in the same size and urgh,it'll be so messy.i hate messy writing.But maybe,just maybe, i should try to make my writing a little bit bigger.Just to avoid universal humiliation.

Secondly,Yasmin,my aunt and Khaty dah tengok Thor.Worse,Khaty dah tengok both Thor and Priest.I freakin' hate you guys!Sekarang tak dak sapa boleh aku bawak pi tengok Chris Hemsworth and Cam Gigandet.Bak kata Jia Ying,What a fuckedy flying fuck fuck day.

Markah exam dah dapat dah.WOOOHH!!!The lord of failure is going to be so proud of me.

So,the next thing was,my mom brought me to a hairdresser's shop.I think the hairdresser's name was SuiSui.LOL.So,when we stepped to SuiSui's,she was like pointing to a picture on top,saying'"Let's get this haircut.You know, like last year's one"
And i was like,shutting my own damn mouth and admire a picture of farrah fawcett's flawless,beautiful hair while the hairdresser was cutting my hair.I hate my new haircut.I even made a song about it.Today kat sekolah,aku tengah plan nak duduk dalam stor room tunggu semua orang keluar kelas bila nak balik but bila aku nak intai tengok line clear ke tak,Khaty dah ada kat depan aku.WATERMELONNN!!!Line tak clear!Line tak clear!Thanks for all of you yang kata aku nampak cute/Emma Watson but still,i love Farrah Fawcett's hairstyle

May 17, 2011

16 MAY

Happy teacher's day kepada semua cikgu yang pernah ajar aku selama ni.Daripada aku tadika kat USM,SK Sg Gelugor,sampai St.Georges sekali ngan tusyen-tusyen ngan tutor aku semua,even yang pernah ajar aku for a while.Kepada cikgu form 4,thanks for teaching me even though i failed my mid-term test ( and probably this mid-year test)

So yeah,i brought 'steroids' to school yesterday for our class partaaayyy.It's actually some potato chips.Sucker.Okay so,i guess all of us were quite 'high' that mornin'(especially me coz i'm so excited everytime i hear the word 'partayy').Segala cramp dan kesakitan badan sebab kena attack waktu fencing tiba-tiba hilang bila aku tengah berparti.

Rawe pose ngan garpu

Waktu tengah berpartayy tiba-tiba ada party killer mai datang.

Okay other than that,i did some catwalk on the table that we arranged together so yeah, felt like Tyra Banks for a while.

Persembahan kat dewan banyak sangat.I couldn't hold my horses any longer,so i missed like two performance coz i gotta go home.
For now,tak dak pics yang aku boleh upload SEBAB COMPUTER AKU MACAM WATERMELON!!!
By the way,kawanku Yasmin Abu Talib pergi tengok Thor.Benci ang.

May 15, 2011

loving you.

So I guess we're back to us, oh cameraman, swing the focus
In case I lost my train of thought, where was it that we last left off?

Oh now I do recall, we were just getting to the part
Where the shock sets in, and the stomach acid finds a new way to make you get sick.
I hope you didn't expect that you'd get all of the attention.
Now let's not get selfish
Did you really think I’d let you kill this chorus?

May 14, 2011

sixteen is sweet.

11 May 2011

It's rabiatul adawiyah's birthday =D Happy sweet sixteen,my 'gay' partner!i gave her a present two days late coz she's not in school and i wrapped the present with a pink wrapping paper.(You see,the store is out of the green ones)

12 May 2011

It's Jia Ying@Zoe@Gleek@Klaine shipper@Starkid@Tunja@Rufus's birthday.Woooot!I love you Gleek sister!And i'm so sorry for the bad wrapping of the present.

13 May 2011

It's sugar sticky sweet stuff's birthday a.k.a Zulaiha McCartney!Ingatkan nak buat suprise kat dia time tuition tapi plan tu agak fail.But still,aku bagi gak hadiah tu.Again,sorry for the bad wrapping.Love you,Belieber=D\

Sorry babysisters,computer agak gila jadi tak boleh nak copy paste muka korang kat sini.muahaha.

Catatan lepas exam.

Dulu Tumblr broke down,la ni blogger pulak yang broke down semalam.i was like,'motherf--"

Okay so anyways,that's not the point.

Exam dah habis so now i'm back to fencing practices and writing songs and watch glee and online and maybe get fat.For now,aku tak nak risau pasai result exam lagi.Minggu depan baru risau.muahaha.

Cuti ni aku really totally absolutely heterogeneously kena pi tengok banyak movie.Cuti sekolah tak bermakna jika aku tak pi tengok wayang.

Aku tak nak dah kata the F word.Instead,aku akan gantikannya dengan 'watermelon'.How fun.

And somehow,aku rasa aku suka kat Sam Evans from Glee.


May 7, 2011

MID YEAR and EXAM should never be together.

Exam mid-year dah mula since last friday and cuma ada satu lagi minggu before exam habeh and barulah aku boleh pergi cinema puas-puas.

While kita semua tengah perah otak nak jawab soklan periksa,kerajaan dah bagi 'summer holiday' kat budak universiti.Which means,abang aku balik mai rumah untuk 4 bulan.Which means,sampai raya.Are you fucking kidding me?!Memang sah la dia nanti lepak kat umah aku makan,tidaoq main x-box 24 jam pastu jadik gemok.Get a job or get laid,bro!

By the way,bulan May,June and July ni mengandung movie-movie yang best gila.Kung Fu Panda 2 ,The Green Lantern,Harry Potter and the Deathly Halllows 7,The Smurfs,Pirates of the Carribean 4,Transformers3 and the list goes on,man!I'm dying to watch all of these movies kat cinema...(aku harap this time tak dak sapa sibok dok cakap bila dok tengok movie)

5 more days to end this horrible, torturous,finger and brain-killing exam. Then,i can continue fence people's ass.I miss fencing.

this dude should get an A+ for creativity.

May 2, 2011

Tiada hati dan perasaan.

Just in case you've been living under a rock or just come out from jail,frontpage the star hari ni ada gamabq orang utan.Yep,aku turun bawah,buang semua Utusan Layu ngan Harian Maksiat yang mana frontpage depa politik tak habih-habih,aku pi amek The Star.Nih bukan orang utan biasa ja tau.Nih orang utan dok merokok.(dok buat perakk).

Masalah orang utan yang bernama Shirley ni sekarang ialah,dia diberikan putung-putung rokok oleh para pelancong kat zoo tu.Shirley ni pun jugak ada kerja part-time-begging para pelancong untuk bagii dia putung rokok dan reject sesetengah brand.Dasar cerewet.Sangka Shirley pun penuh ngan putung-putung rokok yang dia dah guna.

Bukan tu ja,ada gak kisah lain.Kisah pasai seekor zirafah yang wound dia masih belum dirawat.Kisah seekor singa yang tak boleh nak bergerak banyak sebab sangkar dia terlalu kecik.Kisah pasai seekor monyet yang dirantai kat pokok.Antara bukti yang aku amek dari Staronline-

So sekarang persoalannya ialah,adakah zoo merupakan tempat untuk reserve haiwan supaya mereka tak extinct ataupun tempat megehadkan pergerakan binatang dan mejadi terikan pelancong instead?This is animal cruelty.Kalau setakat tendang anak kucing tak cukup bulu pun dah kira animal abuse/cruelty,apatah lagi merantai binatang,menjadikan orang utan sebagai seekor perokok yang cerewet dan tak menyembuhkan kecederaan binatang?Apa yang pekerja-pekerja kat zoo tu buat?Kalau setakat kutip taik binatang baik tak payah.

Ingat binatang tak dak feelings ke?Sure,derang tidak dianugerahkan akal macam kita ni,but that doesn't mean kita boleh buat anything kat derang.

Ada 10 zoo kat Malaysia yang buat cam gini kat binatang.Damn,aku harap depa kenakan tindakan keras ke atas semua orang yang terlibat dalam hal zoo ni.Tapi ada ke tindakan yang diambil kalau setiap hari orang dok cakap pasai politik ja.WeKalau tak boleh gak,aku harap yang semua binatang tu terlepas dari sangkar dan attack pihak-pihak zoo ni sampai mati.amin.amin.aminn.

Stop Animal Abuse - animal-rights photo

May 1, 2011

Jenis-jenis orang kat Queensbay

-laki chinese yang hot.

-laki chinese yang hot yang dah ada girlfriend

-pempuan melayu yang pakai baju ketat-ketat ngan tudung pelik

-pempuan yang pulun dress up+ada bling-bling kat every single part of her body supaya jantan boleh mengorat dia

-perempuan yang tak reti nak ikat rambut panjang sampai ke pungkoq

-laki ensem yang mengutamakan penampilan dia.

-pompuan yang dok ngorat abang-abang poyo kat mcd so that depa boleh dapat chicken mcdeluxe free.

-laki tak guna dok pulun bagi flyers 

-couples dok beromen sampai tak ingat dunia kat tengah orang ramai 

-pelayan restoran yang memang peramah

-orang yang tak nak buang duit beli buku jadik dia duduk kat Borders baca buku tu sampai habes

-satu group jantan tak guna dok conquer jalan nak pi cinema

-satu group pompuan gedik dok pose dan tangkap gambaq kat depan orang ramai

-mak bapak yang tak bagi anak depa makan  junkfood 

-orang yang tak boleh nak shutthafuckup bila tengok movie

-couple yang masuk tempat karaoke ngan cinema sebab nak beromen

-orang yang spend 24/7 kat kedai-kedai baju yang dok buat sale mahupun yang tak buat sale.

-pakcik-pakcik yang nampak macam pedobear

-family yang nampak macam happy dan tak dak masalah dan bagi anak derang naik kereta kecik yang ada belon around the mall

-orang jahanam yang suka potong line bila tengah beratur kat mcd

-and then there's me - orang yang pergi queensbay sebab nak hangout ngan kawan,tengok movie best dan cuci mata tengok laki ensem. 

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