May 20, 2011

Line tak clear.

I think it's quite a miserable week for me because first of all,there are like four teachers who told me that my writing is small.I get a big applause today from half of the class because my sejarah teacher said my writing is small.Thanks for insulting,guys.My english teacher said my writing is MINUTE.My physics teacher said i have to use a 0.7 pen to write.I have been writing like that since i was 14.And hell yeah i have a problem writing big.The alphabets wouldn't be in the same size and urgh,it'll be so messy.i hate messy writing.But maybe,just maybe, i should try to make my writing a little bit bigger.Just to avoid universal humiliation.

Secondly,Yasmin,my aunt and Khaty dah tengok Thor.Worse,Khaty dah tengok both Thor and Priest.I freakin' hate you guys!Sekarang tak dak sapa boleh aku bawak pi tengok Chris Hemsworth and Cam Gigandet.Bak kata Jia Ying,What a fuckedy flying fuck fuck day.

Markah exam dah dapat dah.WOOOHH!!!The lord of failure is going to be so proud of me.

So,the next thing was,my mom brought me to a hairdresser's shop.I think the hairdresser's name was SuiSui.LOL.So,when we stepped to SuiSui's,she was like pointing to a picture on top,saying'"Let's get this haircut.You know, like last year's one"
And i was like,shutting my own damn mouth and admire a picture of farrah fawcett's flawless,beautiful hair while the hairdresser was cutting my hair.I hate my new haircut.I even made a song about it.Today kat sekolah,aku tengah plan nak duduk dalam stor room tunggu semua orang keluar kelas bila nak balik but bila aku nak intai tengok line clear ke tak,Khaty dah ada kat depan aku.WATERMELONNN!!!Line tak clear!Line tak clear!Thanks for all of you yang kata aku nampak cute/Emma Watson but still,i love Farrah Fawcett's hairstyle

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