May 14, 2011

sixteen is sweet.

11 May 2011

It's rabiatul adawiyah's birthday =D Happy sweet sixteen,my 'gay' partner!i gave her a present two days late coz she's not in school and i wrapped the present with a pink wrapping paper.(You see,the store is out of the green ones)

12 May 2011

It's Jia Ying@Zoe@Gleek@Klaine shipper@Starkid@Tunja@Rufus's birthday.Woooot!I love you Gleek sister!And i'm so sorry for the bad wrapping of the present.

13 May 2011

It's sugar sticky sweet stuff's birthday a.k.a Zulaiha McCartney!Ingatkan nak buat suprise kat dia time tuition tapi plan tu agak fail.But still,aku bagi gak hadiah tu.Again,sorry for the bad wrapping.Love you,Belieber=D\

Sorry babysisters,computer agak gila jadi tak boleh nak copy paste muka korang kat sini.muahaha.

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