May 30, 2011


First of all,aku tak kisah pun kalau ang baca post ni and rasa bersalah.You should be.

So here's the thing.Jom recap balik segala benda yang jadi for the past 4 years-

-we both love comics,mangas, and animes
-we act so damn crazy even if we're in separate classes
-we used to go to each other's classes in form 2 because kelas kita ni jiran.
-you read all my comics and my novel and clearly loved it
-you answer all my polls and surveys
-you sat next to me when we have some occasions going on in the school hall
-we talked and talked and talked and talked in the canteen during recess
-we get excited about our boyish haircuts

But now,i see you're getting comfortable with your new friends and here's what you've done to me -

-ignoring me
-asking me to hold your beg and when i crack a joke about it you say,"nih ang sama bilik dengan aku kan?" or something like that.Feels like i am a slave for you right now.
-Making these dumb jokes that i don't even understand with your new friends
-Having these conversation by putting the word 'yaa' in every single sentence without any particular logical reason and it's getting on my nerves
-Following you new friends wherever they go and yes,being so unpunctual.
-Loving your gadgets to death.
-When i asked for water,you said have this drinking problem.what do you want me to die of dehydration?
-wearing a pink t-shirt even though you used to tell me that you could faint by only seeing tha colour pink

This video clearly shows about a scrub like you-

That trip makes me realized how miserable you and your new clique are.Or maybe just you.You've changed.I don't give a shit if you want to be friends with others but do you really have to ignore me?Do you really have to pretend that i don't exist.I know i am quite invisible in my class,but being invisible for you after 4 years?

When you come to Japanese Club's meeting,please don't seat with me and Jia Ying and also Joanne.So bila ang tak dak clique ang nak bawak masuk JLS,baru ang nak duduk dengan aku?Go kiss your friends' asses.Go talk korean with them.Go and said 'yaa' in every sentence with them.Go and ignore me.I have Jia Ying.Joanne.Sherise.Alia.Jazmina.The ones who never turn their back on me.

And thanks for the plasters though.if you want me to pay for them,tell me.I will.

probably we could end up as enemies?i don't think so.we're not going to talk anymore.that's all.

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