June 18, 2011

I'm skin and bone,just a king and a rusty throne,the castle's under siege,but the sun outside says leave me alone.

Hey peeps,i'm back to blogging.Yes,i know i haven't updated my blog for quite some time,but that's not what i'll be talking about in this post.

This is what i'll be talking bout instead.Our states level drama competition last Thursday.We lost.We thought that at least we could get the Best Script award,but we didn't.We lost to a school that could get easily disqualified in nationals as they broke some rules there.I never thought my time here in drama team has come to an end for this year.
Sarah,Min Jou,Iver =)

Amirah and Fionaa

Yes,i know i still have next year but can i get a better role?can we kick some ass in states level and kick more asses in nationals?can i prove everyone i can be a great stage performer?Can i?Plus,theres this one bitchy junior who accused me for something i didn't do.

When i got back from the states level,i realized that i didn't bring my baju kurung to change.Great.I ended up going to JLS meeting in my dude outfit.Motherfuckingly embarassing.Okay,back to the story.

Since that day,i've been SOOO depressed.I went back home,i just stared at the wall for 20 minutes while bathing,i didn't pay a single attention during my tuition,i listen to emo songs,i didn't eat at all that night and i cried myself to sleep.Oh and,my family didn't even care about it.I did the same thing on Friday.I thought  could get over it,but i just cant.I spent most of the time staring blankly.I find my stupid blue pen amusing and i kept spinning it.Yes,i did laughed but it's just for a while.My head felt so heavy like yesterday and i kept on crying when i go to sleep.Rawe said that i looked dead.Syahira said i look emotionless.Khaty said,let it be and i should smile.Jia Ying told me that i should forget about it.Everyone told me to cheer up.But what possibly can cheer me up?

Today,my mom and my horrible aunt accompany my sister to a dumbass spelling competition.Oh,how supportive!None of my family members said anything or asked anything about my drama competition.I am SO flattered.And i didn't feel good during fencing.I did some squad launch and i felt like throwing up.I can't even do the most easy thing to do in fencing,launch.Maybe i didn't eat right because of depression?I do not know.I went to the toilet and i threw up and i called my dad to pick me up.I feel so bad leaving Mieza alone there.

My dad told me i gotta be serious in mt studies.He was lecturing me while i was feeling like a cockroach being sprayed by Ridsect.I went home,I slept and i'm still feeling depressed.I woke up and my mom was standing in front of me,lecturing me about my results.First of all,my parent think that getting As is easy as hell.Second of all,I didn't fail,so chill out la.My mom banned me from using the computer for a while.And no more onlining at night.I am such a miserable person.

Lastly,thank you so much to everyone who tried to comfort me last Friday.I am trying not to be so depressed.I will try to come back to school in my normal self.I will try.


June 12, 2011

Three Movie Review

Sepanjang cuti ni aku cuma tengok 3 movie ja.Kinda sad,yeah.It's Pirates of the Carribean,KungFu Panda 2 and Super 8.

Pirates of the Carribean

Pergi tengok movie ni dengan suamiku,Novia,sorry tak dapat nak upload gambaq.huhu.So,kalau aku nak bagi rating i'll say it's 3/5 star.Memang lawak giler cerita tu tapi plot dia dah tak sama macam citer - citer POTC sebelum ni.Aku rindu Black Pearl.And kenapa Jack tiba-tiba jadi baik?Anyways,Jack memang badass dalam tu.Dan satu lagi,ending tu buat aku tak puas hati la.Disturbing betoi.

Kung Fu Panda 2 

Tengok citer ni dengan Shafinaz and Atiqah.Rating?4.5/5.Lawak?check.Adventure?check.Awesomeness?check.Bagi aku menangis?check.Apa yang aku tak puas hati?Villian dia(Shen) tak se-badass Tai Lung.Pengecut taik betol.And Viper,Monket,Crane dan Mantis tak cakap banyak sangat.And somehow,aku rasa akan ada Kung Fu Panda 3.

Super 8

First of all,best to the caliber.Awesome to the max.Pelakon-pelakon yang baru first time berlakon macam Joel Courtney and Riley Griffiths pandai berlakon and Joel mengingatkan aku kepada Ryan Ross manakala Gabriel Basso mengingatkan aku kepada Brendon Urie.Cerita ni memang lawak sampai aku nak terkencing and ada gak elemen sedih yang berjaya bagi aku menangis.Rating - 5/5.It's a must watch.

manis dan masam

I'm now at Paradise Beach Hotel.2 weeks of school hols is almost over.Yang mana citer manis dan masam akan aku post nanti malam.I hope so.3 movie review yang aku tengok sepanjang cuti ni akan aku tulis.Karangan bm tak siap lagi.Folio Bio tak edit,tak print dan tak cari gambar lagi pun.English oral tak prepare lagi.Drama competition hari Khamis minggu depan.Aku tak dak pakaian yang sesuai untuk aku lagi.Prepare pun tak lagi.Mothefocka.2 minggu lagi kena pi jumpa dentist from hell.Ada lagi 4 lubang yang dia nak tampal.More stories about what happened last friday and yesterday and also the movie reviews,will be posted at night.

June 7, 2011

A Ryden appreciation post

Last night,i download many,many songs from Panic!at the disco since they first started until now.And as i listen to their awesome,not auto-tuned song,i read the lyrics of each songs,which was written by Ryan Ross,their former lead guitarist.

And i cried.Fuck it!i cried.Well,i didn't cried that hard but just you know,my salty tears just running down my cheeks.All of their lyrics,was very,very,very amazing to the caliber.Yes i know,some of them are about sluts and whores and mimes and harlequin girls but the words in those lyrics were something that you never thought of .But Ryan Ross did.

Some of my personal favourite lines in those songs are - 

So testosterone boys and harlequin girls,will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close?

For diamonds do appear to be just like broken glass to me

Oh we're still so young, desperate for attention

Well he was just hanging around,then he fell in love and  he didn't know how,but he couldn't get out

So he said,'would it be alright if we just sat and talk for a little while,if in exchange for your time,i give you this smile?

Things have changed for me, and that’s okay.I feel the same, I’m on my way

You've earned a place atop the ICU's hall of fame .The camera caught you causing a commotion on the gurney again 

But don't get me wrong,faggots,Brendon Urie is a good songwriter too and some of my favourite lines in his songs were

Oh memories where'd you go,you're all i've ever know,how i miss yesterday,and how i let it fade away"
(this one makes me cried)

She was the youngest of the family and the last to be let go

You've got these little things, That you've been running from. You either love it or i guess you don't. You're such a pretty thing, To be running from anyone. A vision with nowhere to go. 

You've got these little things You wanted something for 'em. You'll either get it or i guess you won't. What does it really mean to get nothing from anyone? There's a million ways it could go. 

Sarah smiles like Sarah doesn't care

You fooled me once with your eyes, now, honey, You fooled me twice with your lies, and I say, 

Are you worth your weight in gold?‘Cause you’re behind my eyelids when I’m all alone

Drop our anchors in a storm

A fire in a flask to keep us warm

‘Cause they know, I knowThat they don’t look like meOh they know, I knowThat they don’t sound like me

When the world gets too heavy, Put it on my back. I'll be your levy. 

It was always you falling for me, Now there's always time calling for me. I'm the light blinking at the end of the road, Blink back to let me know. 

I cried because i feel very small compared to both of them.Very little.And tiny.I wished i can write songs like them.If someone would ever asks me about who's my favourite songwriter,it'll always be both of you guys.
I write those lines on every left page in my songwriting book as my inspiration.Ryan and Brendon aka Ryden,I love you both.Your songwriting skills are out of this universe.You guys are the REAL MUSIC.

ryden <3

June 3, 2011

Tak puas hati.

Mansia tak pernah puas hati kan?Bila dah dapat something,mesti terdetik kat dalam hati tu nak something else gak.Kekadang manusia tak pernah nak berhenti kejar barang yang diinginkan sampai la dia puas hati.Bila dah dapat kejar,nak kejar benda lain pulak.Bila tengok orang lain ada something better than kita,terdetik pulak kat hati tu nak benda the exact same or maybe better than that something.Kita tak tengok semua benda yang kita dah owned,probably tak reti nak appreciate benda tersebut.Antara bukti-bukti yang menunjukkan manusia tak puas hati - 

*Geng Apple tak habih-habih dok invent sequel gadgets like ipad2 and stuff

*Acid-base indicators sampai kena ada berlambak like methyl orange,Tropeolin OO and Alizarin sodium nitrate

*Selalu nak menang dalam game Angry Bird

*Menyampuk speech orang bila depan khalayak ramai (kes Kanye West ngan Taylor Swift)

*Rak kasut and wardrobe penuh dengan branded stuff sampai dah macam banjir kat dalam tu

*Bila McD bagi toys free,orang tu nak kumpulkan kesemuanya,susun ikut colour coordinate pulak tu.

*Bila pakai tudung,kena belit sana sini bagi nampak perfection

And banyak lagi contoh-contoh manusia memang tak puas hati.Aku pun ada gak kes tak puas hati..contohnya - aku tukar link blog aku entah keberapa juta kali dah ni...and banyak lagi.Kucing aku pun tak puas hati gak..orang dah bagi makanan,dia nak masuk melepak kat dalam rumah..memang dasar mintak penerajang..

So bila kita tak puas hati dengan something yang kita ada, think about it,ada someone out there yang tak ada apa-apa but still,bersyukur dengan apa yang dia ada.

June 2, 2011

Golongan yang patut kena makan bom nuklear

*Rebecca Black

*ARK Studios

*Penulis citer Twilight

*Orang yang like page-page bangang kat facebook

*Semut yang suka masuk dalam botol air aku

*Rubik's Cube

*Angry Bird yang warna hijau tu

*Babi dalam Angry Bird

*Orang yang lovesick sangat dengan boyfriend/girlfriend dia


*Orang yang buat rumah orang lain macam rumah bapak sendiri

*Orang yang pakai tudung pelik-pelik

*Perokok yang suka hembus asap kat muka aku

*Couple yang tak habeh dok beromen kat depan orang

*Orang yang semboq taik tapi tak reti nak flush

*Celebriti Korea jantan yang camwhore

*Orang yang perasan bagoih

*Orang yang tak boleh nak diam kat dalam wayang

*Orang yang dok sibuk text dalam wayang

*Orang yang suka mengupdate status facebook every single damn second.

*Orang yang ingatkan cikgu pasal homework

*Amir Raja Lwak

*Orang yang lupa kawan

*Orang yang selalu letak 'yaa' kat dalam ayat tak pasal-pasal

*Group Malaysia yang cuba nak ciplak group Korea

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